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There are a LOT of crazy-cool things going on in my world these days and I thought I’d share them all in one post – and offer tips for you along the way too! Because we are all in this together, right?

1. Speaking gigs! All throughout my Crafty Chica career, I’ve always been asked to speak at events, conference, meetings, you name it! So I decided to take these opportunities serious and make speaking an official part of my services.  It’s been on my to-do list but I kept ignoring it and finally this spring I moved it to the top of my list and Jacob from Porchlight MCG whipped up a new fabulous site, KathyCanoMurillo.com! He calls himself a “brand magician” and wow, he sure lives up to that name!

My tip to you: Pull out that goal list you made in January and see what you have completed. Look to see what were the important items you really wanted to get moving on. Get started on at least one of them, it’s never too late!


2. Introducing: Mucho Motivation!  Once we had the speakers site put together, it just wasn’t me to make it all “hire me!” – I wanted to add takeaway value for who ever stopped by. So I zeroed in on a topic that I feel most comfortable and excited to talk about (aside from crafting!) – and that’s motivating people to get rolling on their goals! There is a blog portion to the site that I’ll be updating each week with new motivation tips for you! I also added a sign up for a monthly newsletter where I’ll share challenges and exercises. And next year I’m bringing back the ever-popular Crafty Chica business e-courses!

My tip for you: As you go through your goals and projects, always think how you can use it to be of service to others. It doesn’t mean that you have to do stuff for everyone else first, it just means to think bigger! How can you use your skills and talents to inspire others?


3. I was featured on Mashable.com today! There I was, sweating away in the art studio when my phone began to buzz. Notification after notification! I got up and check out to find out that I was featured in this article along with these STELLAR personalities! LeJuan James, Dulce Candy, Reality Changers and Enchufe TV!

My tip for you: Always stay true to your brand and stay focused! Don’t always worry about building followers, but about making fun content that people will want to share and the followers will find you! And most of all, show gratitude to all those who supported you!



4. We have a staff page! I have a tight knit group of creative contributors for this site and put together a page to share their projects with all of you! They either present ideas to me or they welcome me asking them to write something up! They do an awesome job!

My tip to you: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Make it a win/win situation!


5. I’m headed to the United Nations Social Good Summit this weekend as a Social Good Fellow! I leave tomorrow for NYC and you can follow my adventures on my Snapchat feed!

My tip to you: Never think you have to stay in a box! Ever since I started this site, I wanted it to be about crafts and creativity and artful living! It’s a big world out there with lots of people, so let your theme, message spill over into other genres to meet new people!



6. Crafty Chica brand coming to HSN.com! More details coming soon!


Love & light,

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for you. Following you for several years. I’m stepping out on faith and doing what I love. What perfect timing to be inspired and lifted by you. I will be watching. Thank you for encouraging me to use my wings…

  2. I love the new site – especially the title “Happiness Enthusiast” – that’s a perfect description! Best wishes for continued success.

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