how ot make Dia de Los Muertos bottle people,

Dia de Los Muertos Bottle People

Coke bottle people

Fall season has arrived and I’m beyond excited. Not only does that mean pumpkin spice everything, but also one of my favorite events – Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)! I’m going to show you how to make Dia de Los Muertos bottle people!

Dia de los Muertos is a 3,000 year-old tradition from Mexico that consists of two days of honoring our loved ones and ancestors who have passed on from this world into the next. It’s not at all meant to be scary, but joyous because we are celebrating their journey of the cycle of life.

When it comes to Dia de los Muertos, you’ll see a lot of brightly colored skulls, many decorated with icing. The symbolism is that the icing represent the sweetness of life and the skull represents that they have passed on. It’s believed that the spirits visit their loved one on the eve of November 1st (the children) and 2nd (the adults). The festivities differ from region to region. In some parts of Mexico, families visit the gravesites and decorate with freshly cut marigolds, and burning copal incense. They also prepare a sweet bread called Pan de Muerto (bread of the dead), and decorate with beautiful happy crafts!

For this project, I wanted to come up with a fun and meaningful craft that moms could make with their kids. Something happy and cheering to relay to true spirit of Dia de los Muertos. When I was a kid, my dad loved Coca-Cola and always pointed out to me how the Coke bottle looks like a person’s body. One of my favorite treats when I’m crafting is to drink a bottle Coke® mini. The other day I thought about all of this and how fun it would be to make muertitos out of the bottles! I picked up some glittery skulls at the craft store and used craft paints to paint the bodies.

The skull are ornaments, and I used glue tabs to affix them to the top of the bottle. So when you give these away to friends or use them as decorations for a Muertos fiesta, your guests can remove the skull and use it as a decoration later, and pop off the bottle cap to enjoy the Coke right now!

OK, let me show you how to make these!

Coke bottle people


4-6 bottles of Coke® mini

Assorted colors of craft paint and brushes

Glittered skulls

Glue tabs

Faux icing and small trinkets (found at the craft store also)

First, let’s paint the bottles!

I couldn’t resist the Soulmate! It was too perfect. These are from the end of the summer but you can still get bottles with customized names at

Paint a base coat of white over the entire front of the bottle, but not the label area. Let dry and then paint in desired colors for the clothes. What really brings it to life is to paint the arms! Make sure to paint the hands white.

Outline everything in black to give it definition. You can also add white to highlight.

You can paint pants for a guy and a dress for the ladies!

Coke bottle people

Set them aside to dry. Now let’s decorate the skulls!

Use the faux icing to decorate the tops of the skulls.

iced sugar skull

Insert small trinkets by pressing them into the faux icing.

sugar skull

What’s really fun about this part is that you can use items related to a theme or personality who you are making the bottle for!

glittered sugar skulls

So much color!

glittered skulls

Make sure they are all dry before going to the next step!

Apply a glue tab to the top of each bottle.

Make sure to use the super strength tabs. You want it strong enough to hold the skull in place, but not permanent so it doesn’t ruin the skull.

coke bottle people

And then press a skull on top of each bottle!

Day of the Dead bottles

If you want to take it a step further, you can coat the bottles with clear glitter to give them sparkle!

The Coke® mini bottles are perfect for crafting and enjoying! What a cool and refreshing way to have a treat and then recycle creatively! I love that they are a perfect size, just the right amount to get you happy and ready to craft!

Love & light,

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