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This is a compensated campaign between Ziploc® and CraftyChica®. All writing and experiences are based off of my own personal experiences.

Calling all tough mothers!

I have a DIY homework station idea for you, and an easy way to make cute pencil pouches!

First of all, how’s it going with the whole back to school daily adventures? Now that my kids are (almost) OUT of school, I’m coming up with all kinds of clever, helpful ways to get organized. I wish I had thought of all these ideas when my kids were in grade school. But then again, we didn’t have all these spiffy products to make life easier – like these Ziploc® brand Storage Bags with Easy Open Tabs. Ziploc® knows how to think like a busy mom and creativepreneur.

I bring you these ideas on behalf of Ziploc®! I always get excited when I’m contacted to work with them, because I’ve used their products faithfully around the house, in my crafts and in my business!

A while back I wrote about how I used the Ziploc® brand Sandwich and Snack Bags with Easy Open Tabs to make Bread dough Flower Rings.

This time, it’s all about organization for back to school. Our beloved Ziploc® brand bags still come in all shapes and sizes, but now with an added tab, they are easier to grip and open. They are perfect for school supplies, craft supplies, travel size items, snacking and more.

If you read on, you’ll see a tutorial I did where I covered the storage bags with duct tape to make super-cute pencil pouches, which is also a fun project for kids!



OK, let’s get to the pouch tutorial, followed by the portable homework station.

To make these pouches, you’ll need:

Ziploc® brand Storage Bags with Easy Open Tabs

Duct tape in assorted patterns

Non-stick scissors


I used the Ziploc® brand Storage Bags with Easy Open Tabs. I measured out a piece of 14.5″ duct tape, then affixed it just below the top, tab area. I flipped it over, and pressed the rest of the tape on the other side.


I did the same for the bottom section, then only had one more row to go. I was very focused, and even lined up the pattern!


Continue until the entire bag is covered. Mix and match the patterns or line them all up.



There you go! One fabulous, Ziploc® brand Storage Bag Easy Open Tabs pencil pouch to match your personality!

One word of warning though: These are super-fun to make. You might keep going until the kids pull you away to make dinner or do laundry!


After I made these, I made another batch for these cool notebook dividers. They are just the right size to hold notecards, earbuds, cords, memory sticks and pens and pencils, of course!

Ideas for uses for busy moms!:








Now, onto the portable homework station.

My thinking behind this is simple. When we are raising kids, especially more than one, we aren’t always at home. But there is almost always homework to be done. You don’t want to hear excuses like, “I couldn’t work on my math because we had to go to Billy’s soccer game!”

Using the stackable and nestable Ziploc® containers, you can create a homework station for when you’re on the go.

I used two of these starter sets. I used half of them for the homework station and the rest for the kitchen.


I used the bigger box for the school supplies: Calculator, notecards, glue, eraser, crayons, markers, notebook and pencil sharpener – all the essentials!


Then, I used another container for on-the-go items: Lotion, hand sanitizer, hair ties, small bandages, lip balm and powdered-drink pouches.



I put computer accessories in my final container: Smartphone holder and stand, stylus, phone charger, cleaning cloth and earbuds.


Next, I used a plastic bin with handles to hold all of these containers. There is room to add in folders and Ziploc® brand bags of anything else you need in your portable homework station. Ziploc® containers are stackable, so they won’t slide all over the place.

Here it is! You can see it’s nice and compact, easily sorted and easy to transport from room to room, house to house or game field to band practice.


The Ziploc® container with One Press Seal in action! And, if you like this pouch project, here is a graphic you can pin to share.





Don’t forget to check out the massively awesome Ziploc® aisle at your local store!


Special thanks to Ziploc® for inviting me to be a part of this campaign, and for letting me try out the Ziploc® brand Storage Bags with Easy Open Tabs! I hope you like the project as much as I did. In addition to storage bags, you can also purchase Ziploc® brand Sandwich and Snack Bags with Easy Open Tabs at retailers nationwide.


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