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My Next Trip Back – San Miguel!


This is a sponsored post with Delta Airlines. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Delta Airlines is running a cool campaign and contest called “My Next Trip Back.” It’s all about celebrating our homelands and reconnecting with our roots. My great grandparents were from Sonora, Mexico (mom’s side) and Zacatecas, Mexico (dad’s side). While I have yet to visit those cities, I hope to someday. In the meantime, I make it a point to visit a new part of Mexico every year. I’m third generation and always strive to soak up as much of my culture and history as possible.

For eight years I’ve led the Crafty Chica Cruise to Ensenada, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Cozumel. Next year we will visit Mazatlan!

But you know what? When I think of “my next trip back” – the absolute strongest connection I’ve felt is when I visited San Miguel de Allende last year. It filled my soul with so much warmth and creativity. I felt like I really belonged there and that I should even be there right now.

I used to always say London was my favorite city in the world, but now it has been replaced with San Miguel! I think about it every day, hearing the church bells cheer above the rooftops, the eager-to-please street vendors, the Mexi-style croissants, and the late evening walks under the twinkling lights strung between the buildings. Oh, I could go on. Don’t even get me started on the artist alleyways.

Do you have a place that calls out to you? Someone you miss? If so, check out this contest from Delta. You can visit the site right here, and upload your photos. It will then create a beautiful little video (the complete directions are posted below). I made mine for San Miguel to serve as a Law of Attraction kind of thing. I’m putting it out to the universe for me to return very soon!

You can make as many videos as you want to enter!



Here are some painted frames from Ensenada. Hello, INSPIRATION!


This is me at Guanajuato (picture below), we climbed down a lot of steps to get down from there, but it was worth it. This was about a two-hour drive from San Miguel.


A stunning church in San Miguel.


Here I am with my friend, Rose, at one of my favorite shops in San Miguel – Casa Corazon! All they sold were hearts!


Aztec Hot Chocolate made tableside at Salsabor Prehispanic Delicatessen!


Visit the Delta site to learn more about #MyNextTripBackContest #YoVoyPorDelta. Follow these hashtags to see what other people entered and shared too!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/delta

Twitter: @delta

Instagram: @delta


Delta has created a portal where you can share what would be your ideal trip back home. If you were to do something special, what would you do? 
The portal is located at https://www.miproximavisita.com/home and provides you with 6 questions that you can answer to share your story. You can also upload your own photos or you can select from photos you have uploaded to Facebook. 
After answering your 6 questions and uploading the photos, Delta will create a video with music that tells your unique story. You can then share your video.  For samples, visit the campaign page.

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