10 Sugar Skull Face Paint Tutorials

sugar skull facepainting

Facepainting in honor of Dia de los Muertos is a popular activity this time of year, but do you know what it represents? Dia de Los Muertos is a 3,000 year-old tradition from Mexico where we celebrate the cycle of life. The journey of passing from this world into the next.

And we paint our faces like skulls to show that we do not fear death, we accept it as part of our journey here on Earth. Click here to see a wonderful vide by Latina Magazine! Sugar skulls represent the balance of the sweetness of life and the acceptance of death. While it has nothing to do with Halloween at all, many people paint their faces for October 31st. Dia de los Muertos begins at midnight on November 1st, so I guess you can say, you are celebrating early!



1. This is a beautiful overview by Muy Bueno!


2. El Catrin y Amiga – my FAVE! Maya and Jeshua. I crackup at this opening every time!

3. Mano y Metal’s tutorial. It’s all about the attitude, people!


4. La Catrina by Corinne Leigh – She really gets into the detail of it all, and it’s a home run!


5. El Catrin by Venusocean – Here’s a nice twist – El Catrin!

6. Face paint, ofrenda and champurrado traditions by MuyBueno. This one goes beyond facepaint and includes all the nuances that make this holiday shine.

7. Facepainting for kids, by Pearmama

8. La Muerte by Crafty Chica

La Muerte Hat & Face Paint Tutorial from The #BookOfLife movie, by CraftyChica.com
La Muerte Hat & Face Paint Tutorial from The #BookOfLife movie, by CraftyChica.com

9. Sugar Skull Make-up tutorial by Lolo Love – so pretty and vibrant!

10. Heartful Eye, by Rachel Matos for Latinamom.me – the heart for the eye is so clever and lovely! I want to try this one!


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