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Thanksgiving is around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking of heartful ways to celebrate. For this campaign, these Thanksgiving Gratitude Bottles were inspired by my recent visit to the company headquarters (more on that to come in a separate post soon!). The vibe of all things Coca-Cola is about happiness, positivity, and making the most of every moment with family and friends. It fits perfect with Thanksgiving, because it’s a time when we all come together to connect and catch up. These gratitude bottles are a fun and easy way to set the mood!

The best part? The message is a quote about gratitude and family! You can choose to use washed and dried empty Coke bottles, corks and tags – or you can use chilled full Coke bottles, and affix the note to a hang tag. I went with both!

Either way, your guests are sure to be excited! I’m going to start with the tutorial, but you’ll also find printable PDFs of the quotes I used at the end of this post, so you can use them too. I did the work so you don’t have to!


First you’ll want to use a graphics program (I used a free one that I found online) and copy and paste your quote. You can also add some fall leaves, or whatever you want. Print them out, I used 6″x10″ and cut.

IDEA: To really personalize this project, you can use quotes from your family members! Look at their social media updates and see if you can find some nice things they posted. Or if your dad or grandma is known for a certain saying, you can put that – or even family trivia! And you can even put their photo under the quote too.


Once you have them printed and cut, use a pencil to roll them up and add a sticker to hold them together.


Now insert them inside the bottles. I topped them off with corks, and added cute burlap bows.


You can add one to each place setting, or you can have them altogether on a serving tray and have each guest choose one.

During your Thanksgiving dinner, have each person open their quote and read it out loud.

Another idea! Instead of quotes, you can put a fun fortune, like…”This winter you will meet new and exciting people who will bring new joy to your life.” Or maybe, prompts, like…”Look at the person to your left and tell them your favorite quirky thing about their personality.”


Here are two versions of the bottles – one empty and one full! If your family is like mine and you end up playing charades after dessert, you can separate the teams according to who got what kind of bottle.

See? I told you I loved Thanksgiving!


Thank you so much for checking out my post! Here are the quotes I used, if you like them, just click on the PDF link to print them out so you can use them too!





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  1. this was so much fun to do! Totally recommend! Another idea… Try writing something personal to the person! Like a little note telling them why you’re thankful for them!


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