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Sometimes the simplest ideas make for the coolest projects – like this torched wood plaque project. By using a variety of metal objects from your toolbox, you can make decorative designs on wood plaques that can then be used for mixed media projects!

As part of the Bernzomatic Torch Bearer program, I used the Bernzomatic Trigger Start 3 in 1 Micro Torch ST2200 (you can purchase at Home Depot or other hardware stores). It stands upright when not in use, has a safety lock, and can be used as a torch, heat gun or solder iron. I like it because it is easy to hold in your hand, easy to use and easy to get comfy with!


Once you get your torch, you’ll need to pick up:

Bernzomatic Butane


Safety Goggles

Wood plaques

Flat metal objects

Heat-protected surface (I used a kiln shelf)


I gathered a variety of random supplies to play with! Take a plaque and arrange the objects on top.


Fill the torch with butane according to package directions, then switch the safety lock and press the button, you use the switch on the side of the torch to adjust the flame to be bigger or smaller.


Apply even strokes across the plaque, keep your eye on it every second because you don’t want too much heat in one area, you want it all to be nice a level with color.


Keep torching until it reaches the darkness you like. CAUTION, the metal part will be very hot so wearing your gloves, carefully tip the wood plaque over so they fall to the side.

Let the plaque cool for about five minutes. Admire your work!


Now torch the edges.


It’s time to add color! I wanted to keep the vibe of the torched wood, yet I wanted to add color. Markers were a perfect match!


Choose your item for the center of the plaque and then color to match.


Once it is all colored, use an extra strength adhesive to affix the item in the center.


I also added crystal trim to give it even more life!


You can use this to hang on the wall, to affix on the top of a box, or give as a party or housewarming gift!

I used these spoked washers, but you can use chain, wire, screws, take a spin around the hardware store to get creative inspiration!


This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Bernzomatic. All ideas, opinions, and the excitement to work with this new art genre are 100% my own.

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