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How to add an appliqué to crochet scarf

Here is how to add an appliqué to crochet scarf. There is alittle bit of a trick to it, but is worth it! This really elevates the look of a crochet scarf!

I crochet a lot of yarn collage scarves and love to add my own twist by way of fabric appliqués. I thought I’d share my process with this Appliquéd Crochet DIY! It’s really pretty easy – just a little embroidery thread will do the trick. But the result is absolutely stunning, it really brings the yarn piece to life!

I really feel this is what takes my scarves from “crocheted scarf” to a “Crafty Chica Scarf”  – mixed media, baby!

SUPPLIES for How to add an appliqué to crochet scarf:

Fabric with juicy images (look for your favorite themes on Etsy)

Pinking shears

Embroidery floss

Large needle with large eye hole

Finished crochet project

How to add an appliqué to crochet scarf

First, look for fabric that has nice, clean images. I would not go for an actual adhesive-backed appliqué because they are too thick. You want to go with fabric so it will be fluid with the scarf. Cut out the image with pinking shears so the edges won’t fray.

How to add an appliqué to crochet scarf

Decide where you want your appliqués to go. I like to put mine facing out on the same side. Choose a matching color of embroidery floss, cut it to about 12″, tie a knot at the end, thread your needle, and leave a tail at the top from the eye, just as if you were embroidering. I use all six strands of floss. Then stitch all the way around the design. Tie the ends on the back.

How to add an appliqué to crochet scarf

Try to make all your stitches uniform so it looks nice!


So pretty!

This scarf is pretty crazy – I found this yarn in New york that has black pieces of wool hanging out – can you see it there along the right side? I love the texture!


Here are three I finished. I did have three others but I sold them the other night at an event!


This one adds a nice pop of color to the black and white scarf.


I used all red yarns on this scarf and it made for a fiery background for Frida! By the way – I bought all the fabric from Etsy, simply do a search on whatever theme you want.


These are from years back when I first started the process. I used an iron-on fusing, but I didn’t like how it made the appliqués stiff.


Then I tried sewing them on with my machine. It worked, but I didn’t like the end result.


So I finally settled on this method and I’m 100% happy!

applique scarf-skull

Applique scarf DIY #craftychica


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