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Coke Can Tea Light Holders

This is a sponsored post with Coca-Cola. All opinions and experiences of making these tea light holders are my own.

Ask any crafty person and they will agree that one simple Coke can can lead to a healthy list of DIY opportunities. Me too! I challenged myself to come up with something New Year’s related and hence this Coke can tea holder manifested! It’s a little early in the season, but this will give you time to save your mini-Coke cans and make these in time for New Year’s! You can look on Pinterest to find scores of other ideas for Coke can crafts, but I really love this idea because not only can you use it as a (battery-operated) tea light holder, but you can use the same method to make shadow boxes, picture frames, nichos and more!


I think these little tea light holders are perfect for  New Year’s Eve, because you can give them out to guests, or even have a craft table at your party! I lined the insides with glitter and sequins, but if you use them as placecards, you can use photos. Maybe even an advent calendar for the holidays! So many options!



Mini Coca-Cola cans (emptied and washed)

Sharp craft knife

Dollar store scissors

Washi tape

Glittered cardstock

Dry adhesives

Battery-operated tea lights



First step: WEAR GLOVES! With the craft knife pointed away from you, carefully pierce a hole at the top and bottom on one side of the can.


Then, use your scissors to cut a line between the two points. At this point, decide how you want your holder to look. You can fold out the flaps or cut out a square.


Save the larger extra pieces to make other pieces that you can add to the end design.

TIP: You want to make these non-sharp. You can file down the edges, but I prefer to trim the edges straight, then line with washi tape.


Not only does it seal off the edges, it also adds some extra design!


Cut paper or a photo to line the back of the can. Use the dry adhesive (double-stick tape) to affix to the inside of the can.


See how it makes the Coke can come alive?


I used this star garland to decorate the outside of the tea lights, using double-stick tape.


Insert the tea lights and add to your tablescape!


I used toothpicks and stickers to write 2016, but you can use this to write someone’s name or salutation.


So cute! And functional!

coke-can-tea-light-holders12 coke-can-tea-light-holders13

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