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Faux-Frosted Iced Shadow Boxes

Here’s how to make your own iced shadow boxes or shrines. I love this stuff (as you can tell because I’ve been using it a lot) because it’s like decoden without embedding anything! My twist is that I let it dry then painted over the surface.


For this decoden piece above, I used clear bathroom caulk and mixed in glitter, then pressed items into the mixture. Here’s the post about it.

Then my friends, Cathie and Steve came out with Collage Clay. It’s a lighter formula than bathroom caulk, and comes in a cake icing tube with different tips.I thought I’d give it a try.


I used it on these Frida ornaments, and sprinkled mini-sequins!

But I wanted to see how Collage Clay would look painted. So here goes my experiment!


Small shadow boxes

Collage clay

Craft paint

Brush-on varnish

Brushes, water.

Pictures, glue, glitter.


Last year when I was in San Miguel de Allende, I came across a small shop that sold tin nichos…for $2 each! I bought three dozen (as much as I could fit in my luggage). I’d been saving them for something special and thought this would be a good time.

I used the white Collage Clay (it also comes in pink). You’ll want to knead it and then apply your desired tip.


Squeeze and go, squeeze and go!


I outlined all the boxes and let them dry overnight. It might take longer, depending on the climate where you live.


Then I painted them! This will take a few coats for opaque coverage. Let dry, then apply water-based glaze to make them shiny.


You can coat the insides with glitter, a picture and Puffy Paint. Let dry. I also dabbed all the edges with varnish and sprinkled on glitter to give them sparkle.


And there you have it! You can apply this method to any hard surface! Have fun!

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  1. Hi Kathy thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas with us! Can I ask where you got the nichos? I’ve been looking for them every where! I was just in San Miguel for Dia de Muertos and loved it! I’m hoping to go back soon 🙂 Gracias and happy holidays! Lizbeth


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