Make Your Own Red Cup

Make your own red cup

This whole Starbucks red cup controversy is so silly, I won’t even address it. BUT – I do see a creative opportunity! Whatever your stance, why not make your own red cup? Visit your local paint-on-pottery studio. They have oodles of mugs and cups to choose from, and not only will you have a custom and functional work of art, you will be supporting an indie business/entrepreneur!


Here’s how I made these!


Bisque cups

Red underglaze (I used Duncan Concepts, Neon Red)

White underglaze

Duncan French Dimensions in red and white (you can also use Concepts in a micro squeeze bottle)

Pure Brilliance glaze to make the cups food safe

Kiln for firing

ALTERNATIVE: Visit your local craft store for bake on ceramics, all you need is your home oven!

2nd ALTERNATIVE: Use a Sharpie and draw on the Starbucks red cup!

3rd ALTERNATIVE:  Check out this list for other holiday cups!


Clean off your bisque, then coat each mug with three layers of underglaze. I did one white and the other red, I did the opposite for the insides. Then use the French Dimensions to draw on your snowflakes. You can:

  • Write Merry Christmas
  • Paint them blue for Hanukkah
  • Paint them red, green and black for Kwanzaa
  • Use them to hold posada candy treats
  • Write a favorite phrase

Regardless, it’s all about spreading cheer and connecting with others so we can all have a bright, happy holiday season!


Let dry completely, then sponge on three layers of Pure Brilliance.


Let dry completely. Fire at Cone 06, medium speed.


I don’t know which one I like better!


Bottom line? Instead of getting all worked up, get creative. Turn it into something positive!

  • Get together with friends and/or family and have a red cup paint party.
  • Paint two cups, one for you and one to give away as a random act of kindness.
  • Paint one, fill with healthy snacks and give to a homeless person so they will always have a cup to use.
  • Paint them and auction them off, use the money to donate to a holiday program for those in need.


OK, let’s get this season started!

Love & light,

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  1. You are right, it’s so silly we shouldn’t talk about it and your solution is perfect! Everyone can create their own depending on their feelings, beliefs. I love it!

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