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Ugly Christmas Sweater Swag


Goodbye, pumpkin spice everything, and HELLO ugly Christmas sweater everything! ‘Tis the season and people are loving the bulky cover-ups! But before you slip on that heavyweight, spiky, sparkly monstrosity of a garment, we have your ugly Christmas sweater swag right here! From shoes to handbags to plates and cakes, here is a holiday hit list of ideas! These will help put your outfit over the top, or at least earn you some serious nods of respect!

The inspiration for this round-up popped in my head this week. I caught a screening of the new film, The Night Before, starring Seth Rogan, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Anthony Mackie. It’s a hilarious, slightly raunchy flick (not for the kids!) about three friends who have a crazy Christmas Eve. One of their traditions is for each of them to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Totally inspired and excited, I came home and searched online for crazy UCS items to share with all of you!



I remember when the ugly Christmas sweater fad started up in the early 2000’s. Everyone scoured thrift store racks in search of the tackiest Christmas sweater to wear to parties. Some people even resold them on eBay. Then a DIY movement followed, of course, where you would make your own version. I thought this trend ran its course, but it has only grown stronger. The fact that it’s a plot point in a mainstream movie is proof. Look on Pinterest to find all kinds of ideas for throwing your own UCS party, outfit ideas, recipes and more.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are here to stay. And now they have offspring, which is what this round-up is about! Click on the titles for the links!

  1. Ugly Christmas Sweater Plate. OK, I don’t have a linked tutorial for this because I made it. You can visit your local paint-on-pottery studio and paint one yourself.


2. Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookie Tray. Nicole from Tikkido takes this sweater thing serious. She used actual yarn and finger-knitted the border, and even included battery-operated blinking lights. This is so freakin’ adorable!



3. Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art. For the life of me, I couldn’t find a linked tutorial, but at least you can see the inspiration! You can buy a nail art kit at Target or Walmart.



4. Crochet Christmas Tree Cap. Don’t feel like lifting a finger for this ugly sweater craze? Then just buy this crazy crocheted hat from Etsy seller, Iryna, and your outfit is set!



5. Ugly Christmas Sweater-inspired Shoes. You are reading it here first. I think Ugly Christmas Shoes are the next big thing. Why? Because all the decorated shoes I found online were sold out! Which means there is a need and want for more! Jump on this, my crafty peeps! It makes sense, you need shoes to go with your sweater!



6. Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies. This is such a fun activity for the kids or a girls night together. Look at these from Well Mixed Sweets! Each one is a little masterpiece. All you have to do is buy a shirt-shaped cookie cutter and use store bought cookie dough. Stay-tuned, I have an UCS cookie tutorial coming up next week!



7. Ugly Christmas Sweater Earrings. Want to join the fun, but are not quite ready to commit? Just throw on a pair of festive sweater earrings. You can make them from watercolor paper, or order a pair from Etsy seller, PaperPatternSilk.



8. Ugly Christmas Sweater Purse. You can’t leave the house without a fetching handbag on your arm! Margot Potter shows us how to put this cutie together! Loving that pom-pom fringe!



9. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments. Crafts by Amanda shares a tutorial for these one-of-a-kind ornaments, made from felt and miniature items!



10. Ugly Christmas Sweater Cozy. This one is hysterical! It’s gaudy and I need one this season! Thank you for the sparkly inspiration, Lady Behind the Curtain!



11. Ugly Christmas Sweater Wine Glasses. If you’re gonna be at an ugly sweater party, you might as well drink from ugly (actually, very cute!) wine glasses to match, right? These are from OhMy-Creative.com!



12. Ugly Christmas Sweater Cake. Uhhhh, ok! Let’s do this! Frosting + jelly beans + cake + sugary decorations = a winning party treat!

ugly cake


13. Snowman Glasses to wear with your ugly Christmas sweater! Suzy’s Artsy-Crafty Sitcom has the ultimate accessory to your ugly sweater. This is 100% commitment to the theme, if you ask me!



14. Ugly Christmas Sweater couture…for your pet. I know…”how mean!” – but our doggies get chilly too and sweaters can keep them warm. So why not sew on some kitschy embellishments…from IrresistiblePets.com



15. Ugly Christmas Sweater Tea Towels. Even if you swear off this tacky trend, you can at least join in the fun with these cute towels for your kitchen.


Are you planning on any ugly Christmas sweater activity this holiday season? Post a comment and let me know what you are doing!

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