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Coloring Pages + Zine for You!


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Everyone is always anxious to fast forward to 2016 during the days after Christmas. 2016 will be here super soon and it’ll stick around 365 days (we hope!), so in the meantime, I’m wondering how would you sum up 2015? I think it’s important to review the year to pinpoint the things that made us smile, think deep, change our actions, etc.

I’m currently working on a new manuscript and in between writing, I’m listening to the audiobook of my last novel (Miss Scarlet’s School of Patternless Sewing!) to notate habits of my style that I can improve. Along the way, I’ve had many moments of “Wow, I really love that line!” or “I love that character!” And none of those specific thoughts would have come if I hadn’t taken the time to reflect on my work.

In the Miss Scarlet book, there is project that one of the characters makes – it’s called Little Victories. The idea is to make a journal page for each month of the year as it happens, documenting your favorite accomplishment. The day after Christmas, you create a book or banner out of the twelve pages, then you can save it or burn it and release it to the universe. Whatever you want!

I thought about all this tonight while doodling.

What if we spent this week savoring the last days of 2015? They’ll be gone forever very soon, time passes so quickly! Let’s make a list of our highlights – just like they do for entertainment and news headlines – except we are the star in our own roundup! Grab a blank journal, or even just type out your answers and save them, pass them on to your kids or grandkids. Or maybe just keep it and open it twenty years from now. Or share it on social media or on your own blog.

There are no pictures to scrapbook here, just thoughts traveling from your feelings through your fingers to the paper. Go for it!

In 2015:

What was a game changing moment for you?

What is something new that you tried, that you initially didn’t want?

What was your hardest ugly cry, and why?

What was the turning point to give you hope again?

What was something that made you bust up laughing, even right now thinking about it, you want to laugh?

What was something nice and unexpected that someone did for you this year?

What was an act of kindness that you are proud you did?

What is a situation where you can admit you could have handled things a bit better?

Look at your resolution list from January 2015, what things did you accomplish, what things are you letting go to free your spirit? What things did you not complete, but are determined to do so, no matter what year!?

What is a new restaurant of food you discovered?

Every year we age, we pick up more wisdom. What is something you learned this year, either about yourself or about life in general?

What is one moment you wish you could relive?

Back to doodling, I got an idea! I decided to draw up some coloring pages and even a zine for you to print out and fill out this week. It’s a soulful, creative way to send out 2015 and clear the decks for 2016!


I printed and folded a few of them to pass out to family and friends. I already laid it all out for you, all you have to do is print it and fold it. Here is a video I did a long time ago that shows how!

YouTube video


Click here to download the PDF of the zine I made (above).


NOTE: If you DON’T want to fold anything, then I also made these pages that all you have to do is print them and use them as is, no cutting or folding! These are below!


Click here to download the above journal page.



Click here to download the pdf of the above journal page: lessons2015

Well, I hope you like these, I hope you had a wonderful 2015! Thank you for all the happiness you brought to me by reading my articles, trying the projects, commenting, all of that! I wish you love, joy, prosperity, health and success for the new year!

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  1. Wow…I remember playing this video over and over again so I could create my first zine. After the year I’ve had, this will be good therapy for me. Thanks again for the inspiration Kathy and for all you do! Theresa x


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