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Appliqué Holiday Potholders

These appliqué holiday potholders are a cinch to make! I found this set in a cute sweater theme for only $3 at Target. I had just purchased some pretty sacred heart fabric and thought what a perfect match they would make!

These were pretty simple and without the blanket stitching around the edges, you can whip them out in under an hour.


I used pinking shears to cut the fabric so it wouldn’t fray. You’ll also need a thick needle and embroidery thread.


Cut out your design from the fabric.


Pin it in place.


And start stitching. You can stitch all the way through or just on the top layer of fabric. For the glove, I suggest the latter.


I was watching a movie and still had time to kill, so I opted to add a blanket stitch all the way around.


They are super cute, washable and will make a great kitchen accessory for the holiday season. Or you can give them as a hostess gift too! Or even make a whole bunch to sell at a craft fair!

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