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Cholo DIY Candy Roses

Have you seen the Cholo DIY Candy Roses video yet?

YouTube video

It’s pretty amazing. As of today on Facebook, it has more than 15 million views. I love the project and decided to call over some amigas and give it a go!

Monique and Anna from The Phoenix Fridas came by and we put Scar’s method to the test! He makes it look super easy in his video, and well, as a longtime crafty chica, I needed to see for myself! Here are the results! There is definitely a learning curve, these are our first tries. We want to give it another go round soon because they look so pretty. They look like glass!

Jolly Rancher flowers


1 bag of Jolly Rancher candies

1 bowl


Baggies, string (if you are giving them as a gift)


Cholo Diy Hard Candy Roses

Here is our finished video of the experience, and below that are my tips for this project!

DIRECTIONS: Boil water and pour into the bowl, let stand about 5 minutes to take the edge off the heat, then toss in the candies. Let them set until they feel soft. Remove from the water and quickly flatten one and wrap it around the stick, continue until your flower looks the way you want.

NOTE: Next time I’m going to add in edible glitter!

YouTube video


The water has to be really hot, not quite boiling (the candies will dissolve), but hot enough to soften the candies. Once we found the right temperature of water, it took about 10 minutes for them to soften.

For the sticks, you can use lollipop sticks from the craft store or bamboo skewers cut in half. Even coffee or drink stirrers will do!

We used plastic gloves and they were a little sticky, next time I’ll try the latex gloves.

Use extra candies in case you mess up, you’ll have extra.

Let the candies sit in open air for a while before you bag them, they’ll be super sticky!

Know that your first couple flowers will be wonky until you get the hang of it!

Let me know if you try this craft, it’s super fun! And thank you to Scar for the wonderful and inspiring tutorial!


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