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Christmas Stocking Hacks

Yay! The holiday season is here! That means it’s time to add sparkle to anything and everything – which is what inspired these Christmas Stocking Hacks!

I noticed the stocking display right away at the store!


The biggest thing I noticed was the price! Many of them were only $2. That is crafty gold because you can easily alter and customize them to your liking. Here’s the ones I picked. Loving the sequins!





Straight pins

Trim (optional)

NO SEW: You can use fabric glue and clothespins if you don’t want to sew.


Measure the length and width of the cuff area, this is where we will be adding fabric. If you go with the sequined stocking, I did the measurements for you.

Choose your fabric!


Cut your fabric, you can even hem one side if you want!


Sew up the side.


Fold the raw edge in and pin to the edge of the top of the stocking.


Sew it in place!


When you’re done, it’ll look like this! You can add trim if you want, or an appliqué or even embroider!stocking-hearts890

This is more for an advanced sewer, I used the stocking as a template and cut from fabric, then sewed it to the outside of the stocking.

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You can make these for your family, or if you are an artist or crafter who sells items over the season, you can knock these out by the stack! The hard part is done for you! And if you look at the other holiday offerings at Big Lots, you can find some fun animal print fleece that you can incorporate too!



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