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Financial Resolution Affirmation Cards


My life shifted a big way in 2015. I changed my whole perspective on money and finances. That’s the inspiration behind these Financial Resolution Affirmation Cards – each represents a practice I incorporated into my life and household, and boy did it make a difference.

I grew up with very hardworking parents. They had the mentality that long hours, sweat dripping and stinging your eyes …or winning the lottery were the easiest paths to financial freedom. Money was always a big topic growing up; there was always a sense that it was somehow unattainable, that earning just enough to get by was perfectly fine to be appreciated. I even made the mistake in my early 20s of racking up credit card debt to fund a lifestyle I couldn’t keep up. I crashed and burned, and my parents came to my rescue. My dad helped me get my finances on track, and to this day I still use his methods of balancing and saving.

BUT…I represent the next generation. This year I chose to up the game and learn how to work smarter, not harder. Aiming for financial freedom is not the same as wanting to be filthy rich or greedy. Before this year, I looked at them as the same. I felt guilty for wanting a cushy lifestyle, but you know what? The more we manage our finances, debt and savings, the less stress we put upon ourselves – less doctor bills, more opportunities, more freedom to see the world in a bigger way. Being smart with money is a great way to invest in your kids. Removing the mystery and fear!

I’ve increased my income by generating new avenues of revenue. I finally have a handle on saving money. I even increased my credit score! What I’ve done with these affirmation cards is break down my best practices into monthly bites. You can print these off and put each one in an envelope, then at the beginning of each month, open one, read it out loud and put it into action.

First off – I want you to read this one every day, first thing in the morning and before you go to bed.


The first step is believing that you can and will get your finances in order. That you are worthy of feeling happy about paying bills because you can do so with ease.

OK, let’s do this!

JANUARY: This year, each and every day, I will be a magnet for abundance, prosperity and happiness. I’m going to release negative thinking about my relationship with money – I’m going to stop saying things like, “I’m broke.” “I have no money.” “I’ll never be rich.” I control my life, not my bank account! My thoughts, decisions and actions determine my income. I will respect every dollar that comes my way and make it work for me and the future of my family in the best way possible. I’m going to come clean with my habits and change them to work in my favor.

FEBRUARY: I will review all my finances and be truthful with myself about my spending habits, and the motivation behind them. I will know exactly what I owe and to whom, then prioritize my debt to pay. I’m going to come up with a specific amount of extra money I want to bring in each month, then build an action plan to reach it. I’m going to determine WHY I need this extra money and WHERE it will be spent. How will this extra money help me in the big picture of my life? I will not leave this up to chance because I’ll stay in the same situation that I’m in right now. I’m also going to make time in my weekly schedule to educate myself on finances and taxes. Knowledge is power!

MARCH: I’m going to work with a professional. I’m going to create a family budget, spending plan, and prepare for my taxes. I’m going to call all my accounts like cable and cell phone and see how I can lower my bills. I’m going to pay my bills on time to avoid late fees and to improve my credit. I’m going to go through my email inbox and stop subscriptions from shopping accounts, unused monthly services. 

APRIL: I’m going to find new ways to bring in income! I’m going to gather and sort items such as unused gift cards, books, excess craft supplies, new unworn clothing. Not only will this declutter my house, but it will clear space for new energy! I can either sell these items on eBay, Etsy, or in a yard sale. I can also donate them! I can also use my skills to help business owners – whether it’s social media, proofreading, editing photos, writing content. I will also look into trading services with friends and family to make a win-win situation! I will also think of an e-course or ebook that I can create and sell, based on my skills! If I work a full-time job, I’m also going to look into my employer’s 401k plan (or start a savings plan if I’m self-employed) and up my ante because it will pay off down the road.

MAY: I’m going to embrace more DIY methods for cleaning, beauty, and decorating using everyday objects, as opposed to buying expensive brand items.

JUNE: I’m going to work with my family to come up with a list of inexpensive ways to have summer fun, that don’t involve excessive spending. I’m going to focus on sharing experiences more than buying gifts. Walking, crafting, local art walks, gardening, local tourism events.

JULY: I’m going to be flexible and forgiving with myself if I slip up. I’ll pick up and start over with a good attitude! I realize setbacks and challenges are a part of life!

AUGUST: I’m going to review the year so far and note my financial accomplishments. I’m going to share these with my family. We’ll see where we are doing great and where what areas we need to work on.  

SEPTEMBER: Back-to-school season, holidays, all of these events are starting, I’m going to prepare so I don’t spend money like crazy! I’m going to embrace my crockpot to make easy, affordable meals. I’m going to assess my fridge every week, and pantry too, so I’ll use food already on hand before I buy more. My goal is to limit waste and not let good food expire. I’m going to make time in my schedule to stay on top of the meal planning. If we do eat out, it will make it all the more special!

OCTOBER: I’m going to shop smarter for the holiday season. Instead of impulse purchases at the last minute in December, I will plan ahead and shop for the best price. I’ll put together a budget, followed by a shopping list so I can be prepared to buy what is needed when it is on sale.

NOVEMBER: I’ve worked hard, I’m going to take time to relax and embrace my successes!

DECEMBER: I’m going to celebrate the holidays, but also get a jump start on next year: I will set short, medium, long-term goals for 2017!

Thanks for reading through all of these, I hope these tips help you!

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