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How to Turn a Greeting Card into a Box

Here is how to turn a greeting card into a box! you can use cards you received or buy them from the dollar store and use them to hold gift cards.  


I take greeting cards very serious. Anytime I’ve had a strained relationship with a family or friend, when I’ve been too chicken to confront the issue, I’ll break the ice with a card. I pour over every single row at the store to find “the one.” The perfect card will break the ice and serve as a reminder that unconditional love should always be the foundation of relationships.

Once I make it over that initial hurdle, I’m able to speak my true feelings, it releases the pressure and insecurity. And I especially love cards that are in Spanish. I used to get these for my nana throughout the year, and they always made her heart melt. She took a lot of time reading my cards, both inside and out. She took every word so personal!

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Greeting card

Bone folder (optional)

Glue stick



Cut the card in half. Set the second half aside for now.


Flip over the front piece of the card. Use a ruler to draw a small x in the center. This will be your folding guidelines.


Fold the long sides together to the center of the x, then fold the short sides in as well. Create sharp creases with a bone folder. You can also use an eraser to remove the pencil lines.


Apply a generous amount of glue stick to the center short side of the card.


Fold the two sides in and bring the flap with the glue around the outside and fold the flap over to the inside. Use your fingers to hold it in place until it sets. Repeat for the other side. Your box lid is done!


Now to make the bottom. It needs to be a tiny bit smaller so that the top will slide over easily. Repeat the process from when you made the top of the box.


And here is the bottom!


Your box is done!


You can even use it to hold a gift card!


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11 thoughts on “How to Turn a Greeting Card into a Box”

  1. This is awesome, Kathy! I have made boxes using cards and scrapbook paper – but love the Spanish cards & never thought of using the greeting for the interior.
    Can’t wait to go shopping for some fun cards – hope I win yours.

  2. Your comment about your grandmother made me think of mine… We would get a Christmas card for her in Polish. Which we could only find at Hallmark! I miss her so much!

  3. I like the greeting – Warm Winter Wishes!
    Here in the Chicago area, it’s hard to stay warm in the Winter.
    I would prefer to live in New Mexico!

  4. Gift giving tip. Find out what the person needs and give that as a gift. for example my sister has been breaking out lately and does not have the time or funds for a facial. I did the research and I’m getting her a mud mask powder she can make at home and some other small items for a at home facial treatment.

  5. One year for my Mother and baby Sister birthdays they received the same birthday cards from 3 family members. (out of 8 siblings) A loving memory never forgotten.

  6. Srill to this day I love getting birthday cards in the mail from my grandma —she puts stickers all over the back of the envelope and I love her shaky handwriting ????

  7. My favorite hallmark card memory is a mother’s day card I received from my aunt. It was a “mother’s psalm” and was so sweet. I received that card over 15 years ago and my aunt has since passed away. However I keep it on my desk and treasure that card because of the sentiment and the sender.


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