Loteria Card Garland

Loteria Card Garland by CraftyChica.com

Loteria cards have always and will always be one of my favorite crafting staples. I swear, every year I vow to make loteria card garland for our Christmas tree, but before I know it, the holiday is over. This year I got an early jump. We just put the tree up two days ago and I put this craft at the top of my to-do list. Yes, even over grocery shopping…paying bills…feeding the dogs…

Here is how I made the garland!


Loteria game (you can find it on Amazon, or buy the 1″ round version from this Etsy seller, ArtDeco.)

Glue stick

Twine or string



If using the round ones, use a 1″ hole punch.


Punch out all your favorite images!


Glue one of them upside down, and the other side, right side up. This is so that when it twirls they will be right side up.


I separated them by about an inch.


Create strands of about 24″, not too much longer or it can get tangled.


Now onto the second version!


I also made strands using the actual game, cut up.


In other news…tonight we have Crafeteria, a popular holiday craft show that we vend at every year. I made the Frida angels to sell. I already ordered more bisque blanks because I have a feeling I’m going to be painting more of these during the holiday season!


I’m actually surprised that I finished these pieces and this tutorial this week. The stomach flu raged through our house this week! DeAngelo got it first, then Maya, then me, and Patrick. It SUCKED! I’m taking it slow so I’ll be up for tonight to have fun and celebrate the kick-off of the holiday season!

If you live in Phoenix, come join us!


Love & light,

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