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Ugly Sweater Mug

If you want to get in on the ugly holiday sweater fun, but aren’t up for…well…wearing a sweater, here is an easy out. Make an ugly sweater mug! Think about it, you can take it work, a party or use it at home in front of your family. No matter what, you’ll still be the life of the party!

You can use the bake-at-home method from the craft store, or go with my favorite – you know it – fired ceramics!


I used this mug from the Duncan Ceramics Cozy Sweater Collection (ask for it at your local paint on pottery studio), and I used red and green underglazes as the base coat.

What brought it to life was the dimensional paint that comes in tubes – French Dimensions. I used all the colors to write and draw silly holiday designs.


Then after it all dried, I coated with glaze to make it food safe and fired it in my kiln at cone 06 on medium speed. But if you go to a paint-on-pottery studio, they’ll handle that for you. And you don’t even need this sweater mug, paint any mug in an ugly sweater theme. Maybe you can even crochet an ugly sweater cozy for your current favorite mug!


Super cute for my first try, right?


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