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Metal Stamped Bracelets as Promo Items!


The year has barely been set in motion, but the conferences are already live and direct! If you are attending any business events, it’s always a great idea to not only have cards, but other promotional items as well. That is the inspiration behind these branded metal stamped bracelets. I made these as gifts for my blogger friends. Each one has their blog name stamped into it. That way it can be worn to conferences in the hopes of striking up conversation and networking! Some of my best contacts have come from standing in line at the coffee bar or on a shuttle. Any little thing can attract energy! And even beyond conferences, maybe just being out and about. I think I want to make one ofr each of my book titles. Lots of possibilities! And the bracelet blanks are super cool because they are long and roomy for phrases!

The key to this project is the bracelet blank and bending bar.


SUPPLIES ( I got all of these from Impress Art:


First thing is to write out your phrase or name and count the spaces. Find the middle and this is where you will start. I do it this way because it helps me keep everything centered!

NOTE: Each bracelet blank comes with a plastic coating to prevent scuffs. Remove it from the side that you are going to stamp on.


Use the tape to secure your blank to the block.


You can also use the tape as a guideline for stamping in a straight line.

Take the stamp and make sure that it is lined up correctly. Place it on the blank and give it a good hit with the hammer. Make sure to hit it evenly. I would suggest practicing before you do it on the actual blank you want to be perfect. It takes a little bit of getting used to. I think everyone hits a bit different. I learned I needed to hit harder at the top of the stamp.

Watch your fingers! Be careful! If you want to add texture, you can stamp all over the rest of the blank, or add other designs.

Color it all in with a marker or paint. Let it set a minute, then wipe off the excess. The color will go into the grooves.


Perfect! Now, about getting the blank bent. Here is a video! It’s very easy and clever!

YouTube video

After you bend the blank, remove the other plastic coating from the inside.


Once I got in the groove, I cranked these out in no time at all. I sent them out to my friends and they loved them!


My friend Monique from Curves and Chaos posted this picture of her cat. Good to know my work is kitty approved!


Hope you liked this idea! Metal stamping has become one of my favorite crafts! I recently bought a new set of letters and more bracelet blanks! And yes, I plan to visit the ImpressArt booth at the craft convention!

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