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My book signing in Florence!


Even though my novels came out years ago, I think of them as my kids. I’m always supporting and cheering them on. I was super excited that the city of Florence, Arizona used some grant money to bring me out as a speaker and to talk about my book career.


I’m so bummed because I took all of these other pictures of people I met in the audience, and then they got deleted somehow – or are in a folder up in the cloud somewhere. Anyway, here are the pictures I was able to save!


Florence is such a small town, but I could tell they have a very tight community. I loved talking with the ladies I met about their various creative projects!


The first step was to get there. I could have used my own car, but the folks at DriveShop were so kind to offer a 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD for me to drive to the event. It was definitely a sweet ride!



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