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How to Spend $1000


If you had $1000 to spend on your business, what would you buy?

Come up with three specific ways you would spend $1000 on your business. I think this is a wonderful exercise because it forces you to think smart and plan. No impulse spending! Here are my three tips – I actually have a lot more, but I’ll save those for another post!

    1. Know your big picture goal. Before you allocate a single dime, sit down and write out what you want out of your business for the coming year. Then make a list and a budget for each item that supports your end goal. This would be a good time to invest in a financial planner to help you.
    2. Do not pay full retail. Make a list of what you need and research ways you can get it at a discount or even wholesale. I do this a lot with my art supplies. I buy items like my favorite paint brushes and canvases in bulk on Amazon using my Prime account, or even eBay. It saves me time from going to the store and I get a great price. Also, make use of coupons or loyalty programs! Half the battle of making money is learning how to spend wisely and save!
    3. If you are a blogger who relies on it as a business, research the ad programs for social media platforms. Pinpoint which platform works the best for you and create an ad campaign to give legs to your content.
    4. Hire help for the small stuff. Of course, we can do it all, but why should we? We only have 24 hours in the day; why spend a portion of that doing entry-level tasks? We should be focusing on the big picture tasks that only we can do. Look for a family friend or a volunteer. Barter! Or set a budget that you can afford and present it to see who can work with you.
    5.  Invest in magnet signs for your car – and other promo items, like a stand-up banner! I made these for my business and didn’t realize how much I would be using them! They really come in handy; I use them for all my events!

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58 thoughts on “How to Spend $1000”

  1. Such awesome tips. I would invest the money into a cellular company that my boyfriend and I have been trying to develop for a few years. Everything is still in process but this would be such an amazing help! We know this is what we want to do and know it will be very successful! One day at a time!

  2. 1. Get better lighting for photographs and set up a good area to take photos of finished projects

    2. Get promotional die cut stickers printed

    3. Look at the best options for advertising for my site

  3. I write under the name Mercedes Cruz and I have a blog regarding Romance as it it pertains to everyday life.

    I would use the $1,000 towards professional editing services ,self publishing tools and marketing of my first romance novel.

  4. Amazing giveaway! You are an inspiration! I would love to finally get homegirlpv.com off the ground – I’ve produced tees, hats, buttons and stickers but I really want pay contributors for the site!

  5. Id use this to help my sister start up her new business venture. She doesnt have a site yet because she’s at the very beginning but this would be a huge help! She’s every excited

  6. I would use the money to purchase a good heat press. I have always wanted to make shirts, hats and mugs to sell to companies. ~ Hugs, Sherry

  7. I’m in the process of starting my own blog kissingmydreams.com. It’s going to be a lifestyle/travel blog. I will be blogging about getting out of debt, searching for my first home, fitness, starting a invitation design company and of course traveling! If I’m the lucky winner, I will use this to invest in my blog and also to find a photographer for a great profile pic. I don’t want to use a selfie for one of the most important pic that will be representing me and my blog.

  8. Wow! What a special giveaway! I’ve been dreaming about this question! I’d use the money to invest in a light box and a new camera for taking photos of my dolls. If there was any left over, I’d hire a professional to take photos of me…I’ve been too shy to post photos of myself and I loves seeing other artists on their websites (like you)! Fingers crossed! Thank you!!

  9. My husband is a self employed flooring contractor. We would use the money towards purchasing a newer work van and advertising. No website.

  10. I would use a good portion of it for a fancy new site redesign with a mobile version of my site. What is left of put into Pinterest advertising as it’s the best social media traffic I have gotten through ads 🙂

  11. I love this Kathy!

    Me- I would finally produce my own show! I have a plan, I have the ideas and I know what to do… I just need the money to buy some equipment and get the ball rolling!

  12. I’d use the money to buy broadcasting equipment such as cameras, green screen, and audio equip to outfit my twitch.TV channel so I can join the streamers that stream on the veterans charity I’m involved with

  13. You are so inspiring!

    My big picture goal is to expand my tutoring and craft classes/events business locally. In order to to that, I would use the money in the following three ways: 1) I would take a week off from work (which would be unpaid normally) to work exclusively on my business for at least 40 hours. I would go to the library during normal business hours, and keep my “idonethis” list for my own business! 2) I would purchase professional photo editing & layout software for my business so that I can make professional publications and materials to support my clients and also sell online. 3) I would spend the remaining balance on advertising in specific areas where my clients live.

    Thank you for helping me to dream bigger through this contest! 😀

  14. My friend and I are just starting our local/sustainable food truck this Spring – FINALLY! So this would go a long way with getting that done!

  15. Thank you so much for this giveaway!

    What I would do with the money is bulk up on my supplies. For Sweet Craft my goal this year is to do more wholesale ordering and retail. Being that my line is handmade with polymer clay the cost of blocks can often get a little pricey.

    Also another thing I would do is get more professional looking packaging. I often ship to people on Etsy or just have orders to locals and I’m trying to build up my brand so my packaging is recoginzed by anyone.

    Thank you for being an inspiration to small businesses and women who are out there hustling!


  16. Wow ! That’s so amazing !
    3 ways I would spend 1k
    1st :Take huge step for college ! After being present for my childrens first years it’s time to get back in the game and aim for my goal!
    2nd: Books ! Scholarships are really helpful, but even some college books can be a bit expensive.
    3rd: invest but stay in budget!
    I can always purchase used books and have a financial planner ! So many ways to invest my money but save and stay in the budget.

    Thanks for the CHANCE and good luck to all ! Huge thanks !

  17. I could really use this for house repairs every things going bad it seems lately … the drafty windows and doors need all replaced so I dont know how much 1,000 would go far on 9 windows and 2 doors

  18. All great tips. Great video and ideas in the comments. I’d definitely purchase a new, much needed laptop! Fingers crossed.

  19. I would use this to start my blog. sorry I don’t have url yet. Hope I can still have a chance to win. This would really change my life. thank you so much!


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