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Love Note Journals

Use notebooks from the dollar store to make love note journals.

I’m a junkie when it comes to blank books – they are so easy to customize! So when I visited the dollar store recently, I picked up a stack of blank notepads in order to make these love note journals in honor of Valentine’s Day. I know what you’re thinking – “Kathy, how many love notes do you intend to write?” I plan to keep one book and give the others away to friends, or heck, even sell them at upcoming events.

They will make great gifts or promo items for your business. If you are a painter or working artist, you can use this method to apply your color copies of your work to them.

You can write love notes and give them away, or write about the things in your life that you love, or things you want to do to bring love into your life, you get the picture!


Here are the books I bought. Super colorful! I imagined they would make my images pop!


Find some images and print them out four to a page. I bought some collage sheets from My Art Place and Spectral Jewelry!


Cut out your images and use a glue stick to affix to the cover. Get all the edges!


Now you have to seal down the image. I like to use black puffy paint. You can also add designs with it as well.

love-note-journals5 love-note-journals6

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! OK, let’s go buy more notebooks!

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