Make a Ribbon-Trimmed Skirt


If you have an excess amount of ribbon, here’s a way to put it to good use. Make a ribbon-trimmed pencil skirt! You can take an existing skirt, play around with the different ribbons to find the order you want. Make sure to pin each row, and that everything is nice and even. Once you like it, sew on the ribbon. You can use a machine or stitch by hand. I think it looks even better if you use a variety of contrasting textures. For this black skirt, I stuck with a range of white, with a little grey!

Special thanks to my daughter’s friend, Alicia, for modeling for us!

SIDE NOTE: I’m a guest on The Crafty Life Live today at 10 a.m. – I’ll be answering questions and showing how to make jumbo tissue paper flowers!

Here is the link, it goes live at 10 a.m. Arizona time (that’s 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET):

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