Mexi Makeover: Painted Wood Bowls



I’m always on the hunt for nice wood pieces to paint, and the thrift store is a great place to find them. That’s how these painted wood bowls came about! I wanted a set of Mexi-style bowls for the kitchen and instead of shopping for them, I just made my own on the cheap. If you are like me and love to give new life to all things, this is a 100% satisfying DIY. From mail sorters and pencil cups to TV trays and spice racks, the bric-a-brac section of the thrift store or flea market offers crafter’s gold! I can’t resist buying and painting wood bowls because I can either sell them at my art shows, give them as gifts, use them around the house or even in photo shoots.

Here’s my routine for these painted wood bowls. Actually, for this set, Patrick painted them! They came out beautiful, didn’t they?



Wood bowls

White paint

Top coat paint

Assorted brushes

Water-based gloss varnish

Base coat the bowls.

First thing, wash and dry the bowls. Remove the price stickers. Add an even layer of white paint. Especially if you are using a lighter color on top. This will help that color pop.


Once it’s dry, add two layers of the top color, let dry between coats. Paint the backs too.


Now the fun part! Add flowers, big ones on each end, and smaller ones between them.


Use a liner brush and green paint to make the vines, use a lighter shade of green to add highlights.


Finish off the design with dots and other highlights. Let dry and add a couple coats of water-based gloss varnish.

You can’t eat off of these, but you can use them for fruit that you’ll rinse off, or for home decor purposes!


That’s it!


Thanks for checking out my project!

Love & light,

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