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How to Turn a Salsa Bowl into a Pin Cushion

Have you ever seen the three-pack of plastic salsa dishes at the grocery store? I did, and when I didn’t have enough salsa to fill all of them, I made a salsa bowl pin cushion!

I love this idea because I’m one of those people who loves to personalize EVERYTHING. I know the cute traditional tomato cushion is the standard, and this one is a bit on the jumbo side, but hey – I live a jumbo kind of life. Don’t we all? After I made this, I started thinking about what else I could use these bowls for…candy dishes, soap dishes, beading dish, a sachet holder, a ring holder, etc. What ideas do you have?

In the meantime…

Here’s what you need to turn a salsa bowl into a pin cushion:

1 plastic salsa bowl (you can also buy them on Amazon)

1 piece of fabric, about 6″ in diameter

Pillow stuffing, handful

Hot glue

Optional: Paint and embellishments

Version #1: Hot glue the fabric around the inside of the bowl, but leave a 4″ opening on one side. Add the Fiberfill (pillow stuffing) inside. Glue the rest of the fabric, but pull it taut. Embellish as you wish!
Version #2: Sew a mini-pillow and set it inside the bowl.
This is super cool because then you can store small items under the cushion.
I’ve had this one since forever and use it faithfully. This is the hot-glued version. It’s lightweight and super cute!
Now I have salsa bowl DIY fever! Help me come up with other ideas!
Oh, and look! I may buy the plastic version, but I paint a ceramic version! I made a bunch of these as Christmas gifts last month. Let me know in the comments if you want a tutorial on this version!

Mariachi Flor De Toloache

Mexi Makeover: Painted Wood Bowls


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  1. Hi Cathy, I would love a sacred heart molcajete tutorial for those of us without a kiln.
    Thank you for all your beautiful art and for teaching us!


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