Creativepreneurs: How to Choose the Right Tax Professional


Earlier this year I posted about my efforts to get my finances on point, now I’m learning about how to choose the right tax professional. I’m still holding strong and feeling great about money matters. So far, I’ve learned how to remove the fear and worry when it comes to finances and instead switch my thinking to be smart, empowering and affirmative. I also planned ahead to spend and save money wisely as it comes in! 

Even though it can appear daunting at first, doing our taxes gives us a detailed blueprint where each and every penny goes when it comes to our creative businesses. Many of us these days don’t just have a 9-5, we have a side hustle, or even two or three! That adds more work to our taxes, but there are ways to stay calm and get a handle on it. I’ve always done my own taxes and this year, in my new state of mind, my husband and I have decided to have a tax professional take over!

Here is how I’m going to go about choosing the right tax professional and questions I’m going to ask!

  1. Research! Learn about tax preparer credentials and qualifications. This is helpful because it allows you to know the different levels to make the best choice for your scenario.
  2. Get the specific information needed. 2016 will be the first time in a long while that I’ll be 100% self-employed. I want to work with a tax professional who will break it all down for me and give me helpful advice on what to do and not do in the coming year. I don’t want a one-time experience with my tax professional, I want to build a long-term relationship, so after doing my taxes for 2015, they’ll know more about me and my lifestyle offer tips I can use!
  3. Up to date on all things! I want to hire a tax professional who is up to date on the current tax law changes and explain how they affect me. I want them to be extremely knowledgeable with creative arts business.
  4. Make sure they are legit and not just eager to get my business. The other day I was driving down the street and saw people in crazy costumes with tax signs that sounded too good to be true. It looked a little shady, lol! I don’t have time for that! Taxes are a big deal, and should be handled with 100% professionalism.
  5. Recommendations! The best sources often come from word of mouth. I’m going to ask some other working artists here in Phoenix for suggestions on tax preparers.

My tips for preparing:

– Keep all your paperwork in order, nice and neat.

– Don’t wait until the last minute, it will add unneeded stress to your life. Take care of business early.

– Go over all your paperwork so you know the history behind it, to help your tax professional help you!

2 thoughts on “Creativepreneurs: How to Choose the Right Tax Professional”

  1. First, I want to say that I thoroughly enjoy your tips and advice. How awesome to share of your knowledge and expertise to help other entrepreneurs!
    I watched your video with Adelante on social media. Very helpful. I’m currently assisting my sister who as entrusted me in learning about and putting social media into play for her Accounting and Bookkeeping business. Not as easy as I thought but finding a lot of helpful tips from people such as yourself.
    What advice can you give me for a small Accounting and Bookkeeping business, in regards to being noticed as Accounting is not a “glam” type of presentation, or is it?
    When I heard you, what is your “Why” and how do you stand out. I thought, well the reason I came to your site, becoming familiar with Latina’s in business and how to. Our client base is currently 100% Latin business owners and what we know they appreciate is the relate-ability and comfort in communicating their concerns about the Accounting and Tax process that they do not feel comfortable admitting they do not have a lot of knowledge in.
    So, I say all that to ask, what is a good way for us to market ourselves using Facebook?
    Any tips are welcomed. Newbie to the social media game. But flexible and open to new ideas.
    Thank you and I cant wait to spend more time at your site.


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