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How to make heart resin buttons

How to make heart resin buttons! These turned out sooo cool, and are little works of art. Read on to see how to make them!

Happy February! Let’s learn how to make heart resin buttons

Valentine’s day is a special time for us. Ava was born on Valentine’s day so we love to celebrate all things love.

I wanted to make something extra special for her this year, so I took a handmade garment to the next level and make BUTTONS.

Using Ice Resin, a button mold, and heart-shaped confetti, I created a really cute over-sized button-adorned skirt.

How to Make Heart Resin Buttons

Supplies for heart resin buttons:

Gloves, mask

Two-part resin

Drinking straw

Mixing cups

Craft sticks

Button mold



I used Ice Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

The kit included all the supplies I needed to measure and make the resin mixture. I was very impressed with the quality! All I added were the gloves and the drinking straw.

The gloves are pretty important because you definitely don’t want to get the resin mixture on your hands.

It’s sticky, hard to get off and I’m sure not the healthiest thing you want touching your skin.


About the button mold

The button mold I’m using is from a cute little Etsy shop called MoldMuse.

There are a bunch of different kinds of molds to choose from. I decided that the heart would be perfect for a Valentine’s Day look. But, with a girl like Ava who loves hearts and all things girly, I’m sure I’ll get more use out of it beyond Valentine’s Day.

The only down side was that it only has a single button on the mold.

While some garments only require 1 button, most require a few more. Since resin needs hours at a time to cure, it made the process a few days long.

Totally worth it though.

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Put on the gloves and mask, get mixing.

You then need to follow the directions for the ratio of resin and hardener.

For this particular brand it was a 1:1 ratio. This means that I needed equal parts of both for the solution to cure properly.

Not all resins are created equal so make sure to read your instructions thoroughly. Also I should note that your measurements need to be EXACT or it won’t cure properly.


Pour the resin

After I poured both parts in the measuring cup I mixed it for around 2 minutes until it was thoroughly mixed and clear.

Next, I put the resin mixture into the mold. I used the craft stick to help me pour it in. Since such a tiny amount is used, I went slow to make sure I didn’t over fill it.

Once my mold was filled, I started to add the heart confetti.


Add sequin confetti

I really didn’t have a method for placement, I just added them until I felt good about the coverage.

A toothpick worked great to move them around a bit as well. There were a few bubbles in the resin that I wanted to remove, so I used my drinking straw to lightly blow them out.

I set it aside where it wouldn’t be disturbed and let it cure. It took around 6-8 hours to get solid. Can you believe I repeated this entire process FIVE times to get five resin buttons?


After I had all my resin buttons cured and ready, I sewed them onto a black suede skirt that I made.

I used the Hopscotch pattern by Oliver + S in a size 5.


It turned out fabulous!


I added a plain white T shirt from Old Navy and a black sequin cardigan that I also made, to finish off the look.


Such a fun challenge of making my own resin buttons. It’s a really cool feeling to create a garment that is almost 100% handmade. I will definitely be making more resin buttons in the future and experimenting with it more.

We hope you all have a happy and love filled Valentine’s Day! See you next time.

Xx Meagan and Ava


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