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Home Bowl Happy Hour

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Coca-Cola and NABISCO. All opinions and experiences of making these tasty snacks are all my own.

The big game is just about here! For my third and final post for the Coca-Cola and NABISCO campaign, I made a snack table that I call the Home Bowl Happy Hour table! It’s filled with sweet and salty hors d’oeuvres and creative serving ideas using OREO Cookies, NILLA Wafers, WHEAT THINS Snacks and TRISCUIT Crackers. And of course, ice cold Coca-Cola!

Visit your local supermarket retailers to find everything you need to make these and many other treats for your game day family party ! And if you really want to get creative, Coca-Cola and NABISCO have partnered with Evite to offer an array of game-watching party ideas that are over-the-top fun and tasty! Visit http://www.homebowl.com to find a host of game day recipes, tips and inspirations from the pros for a winning game day party and create a custom “Home Bowl” Evite.


Now I’ll go through what I made!


I used TRISCUIT Crackers, and topped them with fresh spinach leaves, turkey pepperoni, pine nuts and feta cheese.


They are light and crispy and have a nice tang to them!


Here is another tray I made of them!


This is a tray of ceviche bites, using WHEAT THINS Snacks. I added avocado, shrimp, pico de gallo and squeezed lime all over them.


Oh my gosh, they taste even better when washed down with a bottle of Coke. The fizz hits your palate just right!


This tray has melted roast beef and cheddar on TRISCUIT Crackers. I heated them in the oven at 300 degrees just before serving. You can also add horseradish as garnish if you wanted.


Serve them right out of the oven, while everything is hot and sizzling. Next, I moved on to some sweet snacks – you know, for when your favorite team scores?


I kept it simple with the OREO Cookies. Each one is like a little appetizer!


I lined them all up on a football-themed tray and then added a shot of whipped cream to each one, topped with nuts. You could also crush some NILLA Wafers and sprinkle those on top too.


These were the biggest hit – Shot Glass Coke Floats! I found the cups at the party store and added a tablespoon of vanilla ice cream, and poured in a dash of Coke. You can even top each one with a NILLA Wafer.

Speaking of NILLA Wafers…


I put an entire box on a tray, then added whipped cream and nuts.


My inspiration? Nachos!


Keep your Coca-Cola on ice so it stays nice and frosty.

Use ideas that are easy to refill and remake. For example, the NILLA Wafers nachos are easy because you can just keep adding whipped cream and sprinkles!

Have a variety of sweet and salty – the game is usually emotional, you want your snacks to fill every need!

Keep everything bite-sized because people will likely be on a couch or chairs watching the game.


Here are some links to see more ideas! Don’t forget to visit Homebowl.com for more inspiration!


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