Mexi-Style Painted Planters

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Here in Arizona, the weather is gorgeous so I made these Mexi-Style Painted Planters. Last year we came across a lot of beautiful succulents and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to replant them into colorful pots. Big Lots had a lot of ceramic pots and planters, but I opted for these plastic ones because of the designs. They were just screaming to be brought to life!



Assorted planters

Multi-surface craft paint

Assorted brushes

Water-based brush on varnish


Start by basecoating your planters white – just do the top area, leave the colored bottom alone.


Next, apply the color for the top. Let dry and then add a second coat so it looks nice and opaque.


Now that the top is done, decide what you want to do with the center molding area.


I used a variety of brights – purple, teal green, red.


Add all your painted accents, and a bit of white to accent and shade. Then outline your work in black to give it definition. NOTE: Make sure to seal your work with the brush-on varnish. That will waterproof it!


Here you go! These came out perfect, I love them, they really brighten up my patio area! I ended up planting inside smaller pots and inserting them into the painted ones, so I can switch around my decor if I want a different look.


Don’t forget to visit Big Lots Latino to see what all the other bloggers made too! You will definitely get inspired!

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