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Hello from Mothership Scrapbook Gal headquarters – where the Valentine Crafting is in full effect!


I was excited when Kathy contacted me about upcoming round ups and thought it would be fun to show off how Valentine’s celebrating goes down for an upbeat single lady like myself.  Well, I admittedly am a hopeless romantic and also a devoted a loyal friend (or I think I am!) and I like to celebrate “Singles Awareness Day” in February.  Here are some cool crafts and ideas that I have to share for those who may be without a special someone, but still want to celebrate and host a “Singles Awareness Day Soiree” aka S.A.D. event.


As you know, I love to host events and make fun decor – theses painted signs from Housewife Hellraiser and this “Don’t Text Him” postcard found at could easily be displayed at a Singles Awareness Day party.





Next, I have some beautiful dessert table ideas that my friend, Desi, and I recently put together for a “Galentine” photo shoot.  Chocolate, a crafty cake banner and pink frosting – what is not to love about that.  Desi and I really enjoy putting together photo shoots and collaborating – there is a great friendship and constant encouragement that we provide to each other as small business owners.



Photo credit:  Joe Morrison Photography, Riverside


Along with dessert – balloons are an awesome way to creative a festive look – so these balloons I found at Studio DIY are really fun (and you can pass send them out the door with guests as they leave the party too!) and Crafty Chica’s Singles Ladies Chocolate Boxes and Friendship Necklaces would be fabulous craft stations to have at your S.A.D. event!  You could easily print out Crafty Chica’s blog post on “How to bring Love into your Life” and include it inside a “Galentine” note card that you make and provide a special note of gratitude to your friend!  My favorite tip from Kathy’s blog post was this:  Put it in writing.   It’s true – if you write it down, you will work to manifest that goal!  Whether it be a goal to date or create an online profile, if you write down your goal – you are much more likely to achieve it.







And last but not least – my craft ideas!   Here is a flaming corazon card that I made using the Crafty Chica scrapbook paper line, my Galentine’s Card Kit from my Mothership Scrapbook Gal Valentine Pop Up Shop (retail:  $8/makes 2 cards and includes a lipstick sample) and an inspirational photo that I recently posted on Instagram – theses give you a few more ideas for possible S.A.D. crafts.

I hope you enjoyed this round up, I had a great time searching for event ideas that would make Singles Awareness Day – happy, delicious and crafty too!
Happy Singles Awareness Day!
Rina Gonzales
Love & light,

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