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The Good Dinosaur Interview + Crafts


No matter what your age, you have to see The Good Dinosaur! It came out this week on Blu Ray and DVD from Disney and Pixar. It’s the sweetest film about learning to face your fears – and if you don’t do that voluntarily, life has a way of forcing the issue. Arlo is a kid dino who doesn’t quite live up to his family’s expectations – he’s afraid of just about everything. You know that quote “it’s all good until someone gets hurt?” Well, that’s applicable here. This story will give you all The Lion King feels of parents, friendship, love, loss and letting go and moving forward…You’ll ugly cry, but also laugh until your stomach cramps. That’s all I’ll say about that!


Read on to check out my interview with the main cast member, Raymond Ochoa, as well as some fun The Good Dinosaur craft projects that I found around the web!

Here is the trailer:

YouTube video

Earlier this month I was offered the chance to interview actor Raymond Ochoa, the fourteen-year-old boy who brings the main character of Arlo to life!


CRAFTY CHICA: Talk about exciting! How did it feel to find out you landed this role?

RAYMOND OCHOA: The day I got the role, I didn’t sleep that night. Every time I closed my eyes, I didn’t want to wake up and find out it was a dream, so I kept staying up. I was so tired but I finally fell asleep!

Q: What part of the movie connected with you the most?

A: Arlo’s story, the life lesson. I can appreciate how much love is in this movie and the friendship with Spot. In my life today, my family, we are very close. There was one scene that had so much emotion – angry, sad, happy. When it comes out on DVD, I’m going to be so proud because i can really appreciate that scene and what it took. 

Q: This movie has made many people bust a tear or two. Did you cry too?

A: Yes! It took a year to make, and finally see it. I cried, not because of the storyline, but because of the joy of emotion of seeing it for the first time. It was pretty amazing.

Q: How is it juggling being a normal kid with a budding acting career?

A: I spent a year working – juggling school, homeschool. I would do my voiceover work, then spend three hours a day at school. Sometimes it was easy to balance, but but then it was difficult because all I wanted to do was be in the booth recording, so it was hard to concentrate on schoolwork. But I had to do it! If school helps me get where I want to go, I’m all for it.

Here is some footage of Raymond at work!

YouTube video

Here are some fun crafty ideas for you from around the web – all inspired by The Good Dinosaur! Click on each title to go to the project.

Printables galore! The official Disney site has a collection of super cute images and crafts for you to print and make!


Arlo Paper Plate Craft by ABCCreativeLearning.com

Arlo paper plate craft by ABCCreativeLearning.com.

The Good Dinosaur Cookies by ThriftyJinxy.com

Dino Footprint Cookies by ThriftyJinxy.com

Dinosaur Sock Puppets by LunchBox Dad

Arlo and Butch Sockpuppets by LunchboxDad.com

No-Sew Dino T-Shirt by SippyCupMom.com

No-Sew Dino Shirt by SippyCupMom.com

‘Arlo’ Fondant Cake Topper by Francesca’s Sugar Art

YouTube video

Mexi-Style Painted Planters

Polymer Clay Rose Rings


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