Ceramic Affirmation Plates


I have an awesome project for you this week! Straight from mi corazon! I spent last week at the iLoveToCreate studios and taught a ceramic mug class for an event called Ceramajam. My good friend, Laura, from http://thepeculiarpalette.com taught a class too – a mixed media piece. I was lucky enough to take her class and make a cool plate! Even if you don’t do fired ceramics, you can do this style on canvas or glass, whatever inspires you! Ok, let’s get started…

Here are the supplies I used:
cardboard pieces, sequin waste, stencils, bubble wrap, brushes
Back to the plate project! First you use an old gift card or piece of cardboard and scrap paint down the plate. You can also use things like bubble wrap to add texture as well.
To get this look, I used stencils on top of the background designs I made.
Then I pulled our my favorite paint of all time – French Dimensions! I used it to outline everything and write a saying on the plate.
In order to use the plate for food, you have to glaze it with three coats of Pure Brilliance to make it food safe. Also, when applying the glaze over the French Dimensions, you have to pat in on with a sponger, otherwise it can smear.
Fire at cone 06.
Here is another project I made during Ceramajam – a plate using French Dimensions in different colors on different types of underglazes.
It turned out so fabulous, I’m afraid to put it in with my regular dishes! I don’t want it to break!

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