DIY Shish Kabob Bar

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Here’s a fun idea for family dinner night – a DIY Shish Kabob Bar! It’s a clever way to take a little bit of everything you have on your shelves, in the fridge and freezer and let each person create their own shish kabob of flavor. I came up with this plan as part of a campaign with Smart & Final. We have a Smart & Final down the street from my house, and I’ve been a regular for years because they offer awesome quality, affordable prices, and time-saving one-stop shopping for both grocery and business customers. From photo shoots displays to recipe development to art show supplies and even…milk and bread, I’m always there for something.

This campaign was a natural fit for me, especially because it’s for a good cause!

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Smart & Final has a wonderful new program they launched called First Street First 1% Back– they will donate the first one percent of net profits from the sale of its First Street® private label brand products at its US-based Smart & Final banner stores in California, Nevada and Arizona to the Smart & Final Charitable Foundation™ to support local nonprofits. The funds raised will go towards everything from playgrounds, uniforms, music programs and more.

My assignment was to come up with a creative way families could use First Street foods to liven up meal time! I thought back to when my kids were little and I had to come up with something tempting each and every day, and something that everyone liked. There were always nights when we didn’t exactly have items that went together to make a traditional meal. We’d have frozen meatballs, but no pasta. The result? A freestyle kinda dinner night that the kids LOVED! So, this idea of the mix and match shish kabob bar fits along that line. This is a more structured version, so much easier!


The idea is to buy a variety of foods, even if you don’t think they go together. Because in this day and age, people are so creative, anything goes! Let me show you how we have put this all together. We invited friends and family over for a backyard fiesta!

First step: Soak your shish kabob sticks, otherwise they will catch on fire when you put them on the grill.


These are bacon-wrapped tater tots! Each one has 1/4 slice of bacon wrapped around it, and I baked the tray in the oven for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. These were the hit of the meal!


After I baked them, we put them on a shish kabob stick and grilled them to make them even crispier!


I put out little bowls of veggies and then each person told my husband (the grill master!) what kind of meat they wanted and he put them together and grilled them.


We combined everything from the bacon-wrapped tots with the waffle pieces (which taste delicious grilled, by the way!) mixed in with meatballs and chicken.


Of course, we also had a dessert station too! We didn’t grill these, they were tasty as is.


This was nice because people could choose if they wanted all fruit or all cakes, or a bit of both.


We had a lot to choose from, and plenty leftover for seconds!

What I love about this is that it gives you permission to mix and match your foods on hands to create a meal. Waffles and meatballs? OK! It works! I also picked up some First Street Macaroni salad as well.

Thank you so much for reading my post! I love that through the Smart & Final Charitable Foundation, funds generated will support local nonprofits, e.g., food pantries, Little Leagues, Boys & Girls Clubs, the American Heart Association, Special Olympics, Olive Crest, local schools and many more.

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