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I recently came across some cute neon hummingbird feeders at a high end department store, and my first thought was, “I’m going to make my own!” It’s totally doable and you can knock out this project in an hour tops! And it fits perfectly with my Big Lots theme this month!


I picked up a trio of these at my local Big Lots. They are plastic and can easily be taken apart.


Hummingbird feeders

Spray paint made for plastic

Yellow craft paint


The first thing you want to do is find an area outside to spray. I used a TV tray with poster board on top. Next, remove the plastic water bottle portion from the feeder. These separate very easily!


This is what you have to work with! I decided on three colors: Neon yellow, orange and blue.


Start with one color at a time. Use even short sprays as opposed to totally soaking it. This will prevent drips. Set these aside to dry. Then go on to your next color!


When your done and they are all dry, decide how to want to reassemble them. You can mix and match the colors, or keep them matched!


There they are! OK! One more step.


You have to use craft paint to make the flowers stand out so the hummingbirds will be attracted to them. Bright yellow works perfectly! Let the paint dry and then fill with water. Mix one part cane sugar to four parts water and fill.


Don’t forget to visit Big Lots Latino to see what all the other bloggers made too! You will definitely get inspired!

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