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Monoprinting: My 2nd Try!

Remember a while back I took a monoprinting class? Well, I did it again, here is the result of my 2nd try! I love monoprinting, the more I do it, the more I learn. It’s a big lesson in patience and technique.


Here is how the process went…


First I sketched out my design on a large sheet of paper and then slid it under a piece of Plexiglas. Keep in mind that the image will be transferred, so any lettering, you have to print it backwards.


Next, it’s time to add the paints. We used oil-based paints and used paint thinner to bring them to a workable consistency. I mixed a lot of unique colors, that’s my favorite part. It’s great exercise for your brain to mix and blend to get that perfect juicy shade!


Then it’s time to apply the paint to the Plexiglas. Since this was my second try, I had trouble “seeing” how it would all turn out. I did hold up the Plexiglas up and looked through it to see where I needed to add more coverage.


Then I had to soak the paper and blot it. This makes the surface damp so it will absorb the paints.


Then my teacher set the design face up in the center of the press, then set the wet paper down, centered. He then layered cushions and cranked the handle.


And here it is!  Below is another one I did.


Within the six hours of the class, I managed to complete TWO. That doesn’t sound like much, but this is really a time-consuming process. I let myself enjoy the experience and I experimented a lot. I submitted them for the annual monoprint art auction from Xico (the place where I took the class), but neither was chosen. That motivates me to take more classes to improve my skills!

I cleaned these up in the computer and made them into prints that I sold at art events. I’m currently out of stock, but plan to list more!


I do still have the originals that I plan to have framed. I’m really proud of them!

If you are interested in monoprinting, a great way to start is to buy a GelliPlate. I have tutorial for that! For bigger pieces, like I did, look in your local community for classes!

Here is my video tutorial! You can use small pieces of paper (5×5″) and frame them or turn them into greeting cards, whatever you want!

YouTube video


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