Concha Waffles

How to make pan dulce waffles, by

These pan dulce waffles were made of of sheer panic – at first. See, I was accepted to create two recipes for the Cacique website, my themes were Easter and weekend brunch. The thing is, I peeked at the other bloggers/influencers on the list and wow, they were all hardcore foodies. I’m the crafty one. So I knew I had to make up for my lack of measuring skills with creativity.

First up is Easter! Thank goodness I have a love of pan dulce – Mexican pastries! That saved the day, LOL! When I told my husband I wanted to put a concha in our waffle maker, he paused, scratched his chin and replied, “Fill it with something first!”

See why we have been married 25 years? He GETS me!


To see the full recipe – and the concoction I put inside, you’ll have to click over the Cacique site to see the full tutorial! If you like this idea, please leave a comment over there and give it a like! I would love to stay in their good graces so I can do more fun recipes!

I’ll have my second recipe posted here next week, stay tuned!

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