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Spring Eyewear + Save Your Vision!

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Last month when I attended the We All Grow Summit, I spent a day on a fashion field trip with Visionworks and Transitions Lenses. Not only did I learn how to work a photo shoot like a model, I also learned about eye care and how to embrace…wearing glasses! After the event ended, I was excited to find an invite from Visionworks to participate in this campaign that is all about celebrating our eyes, inside and out!

Both my older brother and younger sister wore glasses at an early age. In our household, I used to joke and make them feel bad because I grew up with perfect peepers. I know, how awful of me, but sibling stuff, you know how it goes! That all changed one night several years ago.  I’ll never forget it. I plopped down on my bed to take in my weekly ritual of reading the new issue of Entertainment Weekly from cover to cover. By the time I reached the first feature, I noticed something wasn’t right. The words blurred together. I turned on an extra light and tried again. Still blurry. I kinda freaked out.

“Patrick!” I cried. “Something’s wrong with me, my vision is messed up, I might need to go to the hospital!”

He rolled his eyes and strolled over. “What were you doing when you noticed it?”

I held my hand to my forehead to feel if a fever had set in. “I was just reading my magazine!”

“Mujer,” he said. “You need reading glasses. It’s called, getting older.”

Yup, that’s how it went down. The next day I went to the store and picked up a pair of cheaters. Wow, what a difference! At the time I hated that I had to wear them, but then it sunk in and I decided to have fun. Having to wear glasses opened up a whole new world of fashionable opportunities. Who knew there were so many cute pairs? Cat-eye, glittered, blinged out, red, turquoise. I bought them all.

I became known for having the coolest glasses. But, um, then another problem popped up! After wearing them on my head, or on my shirt, and losing them right and left when I wasn’t reading something, I finally went to a professional. I received an eye exam and found out I needed more than readers. I needed everyday specs.

And, that brings us to Visionworks! Sure I spent the day with the team last month trying on frames and having a blast, but the biggest takeaway was how to take care of my eyes! It’s not just about fun frames, there is so much more to know about the long term health of my vision.

That’s why I’m so delighted to work with Visionworks on sharing this message. Did you know many people fail to get proper care for their eyes? That was me, I just took my vision for granted. More than 1.1 million americans are legally blind, and 50,000 lose their sight each year – even though half of all blindness can be prevented, according to Visionworks and Prevent Blindness America.  Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness among adults 20-74, so go get that check up! When I first noticed my blurry vision, I should have gone to the doctor. I didn’t know then, but I know now!

Here are some tips from Visionworks and Prevent Blindness America:

Eat veggies that are rich in vitamin A. Don’t overdo it, a little goes a long way. Add carrot slices to your salad!

Exercise on a regular basis to keep your body healthy!

Avoid eye injuries! Always wear protective eyewear while crafting with tools.

Get regular eye exams.

Have good lighting while reading. Reading under dim lights can strain your eyes.

Wear sunglasses to filter light and protect you from damaging UV rays.

OK, here’s some of my tips!

Wearing sunglasses will prevent you from having to squint your eyes – less wrinkles! Right?

Always carry a cleaning cloth made for lenses, don’t use tissue or whatever else you have nearby.

Take care of your glasses, use the case provided when you buy them.

Don’t put them on the top of your head because it will weaken the structure.

Keep an eye mask in the fridge, when you feel tired, lie down and place it over your closed eyes. Sooo refreshing!

Keep an eyeglass repair kit nearby, just in case! Last month my daughter drove to California and her glasses broke on the way. Now I bought a kit for her to keep in her car.

Before you decide to go buy a pair of reading glasses on the cheap, invest in your health and go get your eyes checked by a professional! Visionworks has more than 700 optical retail stores in the United States. Once you visit a location, you’ll find that they have a range for every budget, from the best value to designer brands. You can also get an eye exam from an on-site doctor of optometry, sunglasses, fancy lenses, contact lenses, and many of the glasses are available in an hour.

Back to the fun part – being fashionable! Here’s a chart to help you find the right style! Keep in mind – wear whatever style makes you happy, that’s what I do. But if you want a guideline, this will help!

I’m going to be visiting my local Visionworks soon and this is the pair I want to try on!

What I also love about Visionworks is they have an awesome Pinterest account! For example, they have a spring fashion board that shares frames to go with all the different looks.

Spring eyewear trends: vibrant hues, masculine features, rounds, and flat front metals.

Like these! I just realized of all my sets of glasses, I don’t have a metal pair. I think these might just be my next purchase!


I love these too!


Thanks so much for reading this post! I hope you found some useful info! Please visit Visionworks on Facebook, on Instagram, and on Pinterest!


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