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Stiletto Tequila Shot Holder

How to turn a stiletto into a tequila shot holder! Great for Cinco de Mayo or weddings! By CraftyChica.com

This Stiletto Tequila Shot Holder is part of an art challenge! Every year a local Hispanic Marketing firm, Torres Multicultural Communications hosts the event “Chingona Soles.” Soooo, the word “chingona?” My nana and mom and aunts would rub soap across my keyboard for typing that term, it’s always been considered a bad word.

But these days, the term has a new meaning, one of empowerment, bravery and confidence. A fighter. A rebel. A leader. A woman who is not afraid to step up take action for what is right.

And add in the element of the tall heels – woooo, do not cross a chingona! Um, especially one who downs a shot of tequila, lol!

TMC invited personalities from all over the state to transform a stiletto into a showpiece! Then the community comes to the event and bids on all the shoes!

Here is the blank canvas.


Here are some shoes that have already come in (Photo is from the TMC Facebook page).

It’s a daunting, yet exciting assignment. There are so many fabulous shoes made by fabulous artists!

Patrick and I were each invited and here is what we came up with! Patrick turned his into a girl riding a motorcycle.


Patrick’s is on the left, he made a Chingona on Wheels! He altered the shoe and made it into a motorcycle using found objects. He used a small round sponge for the front wheel, and he cut up a wire stand to make the handle bars. He glued Mexican coins on the back tire and parts from a model car for other decorations! He glued it down to a wood base for stability.


OK, on to mine! Take a strip of thick cardboard and score it and fold it into tiers. Glue it inside the stiletto. Then cover the entire inside with fabric.


Use a strand of Mardi Gras beads to accent the top of the shoe opening. You can use hot glue. Then hot glue lace and ribbon around the outside. I bought this trim in Mexico.


Not sure if they sell this type of glorious gilded trim at fabric store, but you can probably find something close! Or buy two kinds and layer them, it helps to use trim and already has the ruffles sewn in.


You can use a regular shot glass or make polymer clay embellishments. I bought this shot glass in Mexico! It already had the design on it, I bought it as inspiration to make my own. But I decided to use it for this project! For the tequila, you can use any mini-size bottle. Use silk flowers to add texture.


Think of how cute these would be for a Cinco de Mayo party, or all in white for a wedding. You could put several in the middle of a table as centerpieces.

You can also use this method to hold jewelry, trinkets, battery-operated tea lights. What do you think?

Here is an image you can pin!

Turn a stiletto into a tequila shot holder, by CraftyChica.com

If you live in Phoenix and want to attend the event, here is more information!



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