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Tiny Trinkets Mosaic Mirror

Do you have a lot of tiny trinkets in your junk drawer, jewelry box or crafty storage bins? I did, so I gathered them up to make this mosaic mirror! This is a project from my La Casa Loca book and I still love it to this day!


Chunky wood frame (found at the craft store)

Small trinkets – they have to be hard in order to withstand water and wear from the sponge to rub off grout.

Small tiles and mini mirrors to fill in spaces where you don’t have enough trinkets

E6000® Craft Adhesive 3.7 oz

Grout (found at craft stores, they even have pre-mixed grout!


Clean sponge

Tub of water

Mirror or screen for the back of the mirror


Picture hanger

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Arrange your items until you like how they look. Keep in mind that once you add the grout, there will be a lot of space between each item. Therefore, it’s good to set them close to each other.

Start gluing! Glue each item just where you want it.

Let dry overnight.

Mix the grout according to package directions. If you are using unmixed grout, be sure and wear a paper mask so it doesn’t get in your nose or eyes. Stir the grout until it is creamy like peanut butter. Carefully add it one section at a time and wearing plastic gloves, smoosh it into the grooves between each item. work section by section until the grout is evenly spread out.

Once you have the entire frame covered, start at the first section and rub off the grout from the top using a damp sponge. This will take a while! Once you’ve done the whole surface, go back and start again until you don’t see a cloudy haze on the items.

Let dry and then use a soft cloth to polish all the pieces!

Paint the inside and outside edges of the frame, let dry.

Flip it over and use caulk to apply the mirror. For a screen, you can use a staple gun. Affix the picture hanger too, make sure it is a big and sturdy one!


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