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20 Cool Tissue Paper DIYs!

Photo credits: Crafty Chica, Lia Griffith, Homemade Hoopla, The Graphics Fairy, Meri Cherry, Blue is Style.

Looking for a craft medium that goes a long way and has lots of uses? Hello, tissue paper! Whether you want to make flowers, mixed media art, home decor items – whatever – here are 20+ clever tissue paper DIYS!

  1. Tissue Paper Votives – glue layers of cut-out shapes around a glass jar, seal with decoupage medium. Full tutorial HERE.

tissue paper votives


2. Faux Embossing Mixed Media – use tissue over textures for an embossed look!



3Stamped Tissue Pins – use your favorite stamps on tissue before you make the flowers! Here’s the full tutorial.




4. Tissue Paper Frames – inspired by some that I saw at the store! VIDEO tutorial!



5. Faux Stained Glass Mannequin! I once covered an entire mannequin with tissue!


6. Jumbo Tissue Flowers.



7. Sugar Skull Pinata.


Here are more ideas! 

8. Printed Tissue Paper Canvas Art, by Fiskars

9. Tissue Paper Tassel Garland, Blue Is Style Blog 

10. Tissue Paper Bottle Art, by Homemade Hoopla

11. Stained Glass Butterflies, by Typically Simple

12. Tissue Paper Box Lanterns, by Lia Griffith

13. Another version of Tissue Paper Lanterns, by Alisa Burke

14. How to print on tissue paper, by The Graphics Fairy

15. Tissue paper resin necklace, by Snapping Monsters

16. Tissue Paper Balloon Bowls, by Meri Cherry

17. Tissue Flower Pinata, by Lia Griffith

18. Geometric Papel Picado, by oh joy!

19. Rainbow Brite Paper Lantern, by Swell Designer

20. Tissue Paper Fish Bowl Lantern, by Juggling With kids

21. Tie Dye Paper, by Adventures in Making

22. Tissue Paper Flower Wreath, by Ruffled Blog

23. Tissue Flower Wall Art, by HomedIt

24. Tissue Flower Marigolds, by Crafty Chica

25. Mini-Tissue Flowers, by Tikiddo

Neon Hummingbird Feeders

Monoprinting: My 2nd Try!


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  1. Thanks for including our “How to Print on Tissue paper” post in your round up Kathy! These projects all look great! Hope you’re doing well!

  2. I can’t believe all your ideas, and I am very “select” when viewing and selecting my emails, but I sure cant pass up yours. You are soooo creative and interesting!!!!!!


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