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Washer Picture Bracelet DIY

Use washer and bola tie slides to make a picture bracelet, CraftyChica.com.

Do you have an excess of jewelry findings and hardware? This washer picture bracelet is the perfect solution to use them. It combines bola tie slides, jump rings and washers in the most clever and artful way!

You can create mini-collages on each washer like I did, or you glue an entire picture over the entire surface of the washer.

Theme your pictures with your favorite power words, or places you want to see, friends, you get the idea! If you want a more solid coating, you can use resin.


Bola tie slides


Jump rings

Bracelet clasp

White craft glue


Extra strength waterproof adhesive

Gloss varnish


Use one of the washers to trace out the shape of the picture. Cut out images and glue to the top of the washer. Coat with white craft glue over the picture, let dry, the  coat with gloss varnish. Let dry completely.

Turn each washer over and glue a bola tie slide horizontal to each one, let dry.

Join the pieces with the jump rings. Press the arms of the bola ties slides in to secure.

Add the bracelet clasp using needle nose pliers.

Here’s an image you can pin to share this awesome idea!



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