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Cactus Earrings DIY

I used to hate cactus anything. Living in Arizona all your life will do that to you. But recently, I’ve come to love all things prickly and green! I’ve been seeing cactus items everywhere from clothing to art to murals. I even made a Pinterest board with all my favorites!


I recently whipped up a batch of cactus earrings and thought I’d share the tutorial with you! They are pretty easy to make!


Mini-cactus cookie cutter

Miniature Cactus Tin Cookie Cutter 1.75″ M1633

Clay of your choice:

Oven bake: Polyform Sculpey Original Polymer Clay, 1.75-Pound, White

Air dry: DAS Air Hardening Modeling Clay, 1.1 Pound Block, White (387000)

Ceramic clay (fired in kiln), this is what I made my earrings from! Then you’ll need color. For ceramic clay, I used Duncan Concepts Underglazes. But for air dry or oven bake, you can use craft paint: Plaid Promoabi Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, 2-Ounce, Pack of 18. And this is the varnish I use when I use non-fired clay – Polyform Sculpey Glaze, 1-Ounce, Glossy.

You’ll also need a rolling pin and craft knife. I actually use this kit: Sculpey Essential Tool Kit

First thing is to roll the clay into a large gumball size piece, then press it between your palms to flatten it. Next, use the roller to flatten and smooth it to about 1/8″ thick. Add a bit of powder on the edges of the cookie cutter, then press into the clay. Use something to gently poke the clay out from the cookie cutter. I found a heart-shaped stamp and used that, double-duty! Carefully flatten the clay then use the pointed tool to make a small hole at the top.


You can also use a knife to make lines or whatever you want!

Air dry or bake, then add color and varnish. If you fire in a kiln, make sure your pieces are bone dry, then fire on slow speed at cone 04. Add underglazes and fire to cone 06 on medium speed.


Here is one of the necklaces that I made earlier this year. I sold them all, I hope to make more!

Cactus necklace by CraftyChica.com

Have you seen any cactus items lately? Do you like them as much as I do?

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  1. I never grew up with cactuses, so I was charmed by them when I lived in Mexico. I love the tunas that grow on them. I found out they are called “prickly pears” in the U.S. I have noticed a lot of cactuses showing up in digital downloads and design motifs. It’s hot right now! 😀 Love the jewelry, Crafty Chica!


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