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Awesome Turkey Veggie Sandwich



Today I’m sharing my ultimate favorite sandwich recipe EVER! When I saw this #MySandwichMoment campaign come up from Pepperidge Farm to celebrate the release of their new breads and rolls offerings, I knew I’d be a perfect fit. Back in the day, long before Crafty Chica ever came to be, I used to work at a gourmet sandwich shop here in Phoenix, The Duck and Decanter. I loved the experience, it felt like watching and making edible artistry. I saw that people can really relay their personality through their sandwich preferences. I worked at the order counter and by the time my lunch break arrived, I had my meal diagrammed out in my head – I’d create my own version of a crazy sandwich. The Duck had this one called Where’s The Beef that was a veggie concoction and I customized it to my liking. It has to be my favorite sandwich ever because it’s a savory, crunchy melody of flavors!

I used the Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Whole Wheat Bread as the base for this recipe. Please try it, I swear it will change your life…well, as far as sandwiches go! If you like Pepperidge Farms cookies and crackers (Hello, Goldfish!), you love the breads and rolls too! And they are now available here in Phoenix at Walmart, Albertsons, Bashas, Fry’s, Safeway, Target, Walmart and WinCo Foods.

Here’s a video I made sharing my sandwich making process!

You can add turkey like I do, or leave it as a veggie delight.

GIVEAWAY: Adding to the fun of all of this – three people will win a Pepperidge Farm Fresh Bakery Sandwich Kit complete with product samples and recipe ideas! To enter: 

  1. Share a picture of your favorite sandwich (or your version of mine) on your favorite social media platform and use #MySandwichMoment and tag me (@craftychica).
  2. Leave a comment below with the link.

I’ll pick out THREE winners one week from today for the prize packs. Prizes will be shipped by April 30th! Just in time for springtime sandwich making! Get creative! What a fun way to enter a contest, you get to make and eat a yummy sandwich!



Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Whole Wheat Bread or Deli Flats

Mayo or mustard






Pine nuts


Turkey Breast

Havarti or Pepper Jack cheese

First thing you want to do is slice all the veggies super thin. This will make the sandwich more manageable to bite into after all that layering. Take out two pieces of the Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse Whole Wheat Bread. I love it because it’s all soft and fresh. My mouth is already drooling, lol!


This is a really important key for the perfect sandwich. Make sure to spread your mayo or mustard from edge to edge of your bread. The goal is to taste EVERY ingredient in EVERY bite.


Sprinkle on the pine nuts and then the sliced celery.


Now layer the cucumbers. Again, make sure they are sliced very thin.


Now the TWIST: Jicama. YUM. The jicama is really essential. It adds a touch of sweetness and a fun crunch to every bite.


Add the tomatoes, try to use giant ones! If you want, you can add a dash of sea salt on these.


If you want to add turkey, I would do it at this stage. If not continue on, add the avocado slices. I used a fourth of a whole avocado.


Add the cheese. You can used sliced or shredded.


Put on that top piece of bread and you have one heck of a scrumptious sandwich!


Even though it’s all veggies, it a very filling meal, you may want to share it!


Here are some other fresh breads that Pepperidge Farm sent me. I plan to make French Toast with the Swirl bread! Make sure to check out your local grocery store to find Pepperidge Farm Swirl breads, hamburger and hotdog buns, Whole Grain loaves, Farmhouse loaves, and Rye breads.


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Here is a pinnable graphic you can share! Thanks for checking out my turkey sandwich recipe!



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