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3 OttLites Every Crafter Needs



Here are my suggestions for three OttLites every crafter needs! Backstory: In my early crafting days, I used to have OttLite lamps on my wish list. I longingly walked past them in the craft store, hoping someday to be worthy of owning one. See, as a full-time arts and crafter, we just make stuff no matter what kind of lighting is available, right? That was my mindset. Settling. As a kid, I used to get up in the middle of the night and craft in my doorway by the hallway light, that way I could hop back in bed in case my parents woke up. And I’ve even beaded by moonlight, sitting on the roof of a car. Those are from my hobby days, I guess.

Finally, after hearing me talk about it AGAIN, my husband went out and bought an OttLite lamp for me. He knew I wanted one, BADLY! He knew what I refused to admit to myself: My crafting became a legit source of my income, and I had to up my lighting game. I deserved it! That first lamp was like this one – and I still use it to this day.

Good lighting really opens up a whole new world! It helps my design process and color mixing and matching because I can see the colors in their true hues, nice and bright! These days all we have are OttLites in our work areas, and even my writing area. I love that the bulbs don’t have a yellow cast like normal bulbs, they emulate gorgeous natural daylight. I use the OttLite bulbs in all our lamps around the house as well, mostly because I never know where I’m going to take pictures or record videos. I need that look of natural daylight everywhere!

Know that every single project you see here on this site, was created under an OttLite lamp! I’ve written about my love for OttLite here on my site and guess what? I was invited to be a part of the OttLite ambassador program!

This means I’ll be among the first to test out new products and share them with you and even give some away. For example, this week I’m giving away my FAVORITE lamp – scroll to the bottom to enter!

In the meantime, I want to share my three favorite OttLite lamps and why I think they will benefit you if you are a crafter!

First up:
OttLite 3-in-1 Adjustable-Height Craft Floor Lamp with Magnifier and Clip

Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Lamp


This 24w Ultimate 3-in-1 Craft Lamp is the one I’m giving away this month (see details to enter at the end of this post)! This lamp is awesome because it converts to three uses. You can have it as a floor lamp, or remove the center bar to make it a desk lamp or add the attachment and clamp it to your table to save space on your work area. I love that the OttLite folks think like a crafter. We need all the room we can get to complete our creations. It also has a bendable clip to hold a design or pattern, it has a magnifying glass, as well as the main light.


WHY A CRAFTER NEEDS THIS: Consider it the anchor light of your work station. It has multiple functions, is easy to reposition for a variety of uses, offers a big flood of light and that magnifying lite is ERRYTHANG!


LED Light Box and Task Lamp Station

Dude! This is a major score! It’s a portable light table, perfect for tracing designs. Sometimes I’ll ink a drawing and then see changes I want to make, or make a variation of the design. For example…this is a design I made a couple years ago to be an iron-on transfer. I wanted to convert it into a stencil, but with a different look. So I redrew it to be used as a stencil! The cool thing about this lamp is that the large area of light also serves as a task lamp or for photographing small objects. And it holds supplies as well.

WHY A CRAFTER NEEDS THIS: Every craft station should have some kind of light box for drawing, tracing, lettering, etc. This baby combines the elements of a light box, supply holder, and lamp. nice investment for sure.


OttLite Craft Carrying Case with Lamp, White

This is the next one I plan to buy! I love it and don’t even own it yet, LOL! It’s so smart for someone like me who travels a lot. I do a lot of crafting in my hotel room for work. Many times I’m traveling because of my craft gigs and need to finish up projects in my hotel. Hotel lighting is awful for crafting. It’s dim for relaxing. This carrying case is compact, holds the necessities and has that much-needed light. The cord wraps up inside the bottom, and there is an extra outlet on the side for a glue gun or other tool!

WHY A CRAFTER NEEDS THIS: Hello, crafting on the go! This would be awesome to use for when you take workshops or travel.

Visit OttLite and see all the exciting things they are up to! OttLite on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.
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  1. I would love all these lamps, I seriously need one to help me with my beading, light and magnifying – thanks for this opportunity.

  2. the 3 in 1 would be perfect for doing my beadwork, I use size 11 seed beads and as I age its getting more difficult to see.


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