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Why I Made Selena Pizza Earrings

I made these Selena pizza earrings to celebrate my love for this amazing artist and bright spirit who was taken from this Earth much too soon. She was as playful as she was talented, so I combined all her favorite personality traits into jewelry! Click here to see my video tutorial for these earrings and scroll down for supply list.

When our kids were toddlers, they loved to dance to the cumbias of Selena y los Dinos, and I swear the only few times they would sit still was when Selena’s Bidi Bidi Bom Bom or Como La Flor videos came on TV. So you can imagine the shock, or rather complete horror, when we heard the news that day in 1995 that she had been murdered. So tragic. But we have to look at the silver lining, which is the gifts she left us.

Selena would have been 45 today and we all know she would still be rocking the stage and the music charts. She’d probably be a judge on The Voice or have her own TV show. Anyway, it makes me happy so many people old and young from all different backgrounds appreciate her many talents! That’s how her personality will live on: Happiness, joy, music, dance, sparkly accessories and – the love of pizza!

Yes, Selena’s favorite food was pizza! So much that it even made it into a scene in the movie based on her life, starring Jennifer Lopez. When I first heard about the movie being made, felt super skeptical. But wow, they did such a great job, it adds to her story! It’s one of those films I can watch over and over!

Let’s all make and wear pizza earrings in her honor!


Darice 9119-13 Big Value Unfinished Wood Heart, Natural, 1-Inch
Fusicase 6pcs/lot Bling Silver Friend Friendship Couple Pizza Metal Necklace(Orange)
Mono Multi Liquid Glue Carded, 0.88-Ounce
50 Sterling Silver Eye Pins 24 Gauge 2 Inch Long.
Cousin Craft and Jewelry 3 In 1 Pliers, 3-Inch
Preciosa Size SS12 Crystal Rhinestone with Silver Cup Chain, 2-Feet Long
Beadaholique Long Elegant 50-Piece Earring Hooks, Silver
Mod Podge Gloss Lustre Finish 2 FL OZ

Hot glue

Directions: Print out two Selena pictures and make sure they fit the size of your wood heart. Trace shape, cut, use white glue to affix to the wood, snip away excess paper. Paint the edges red, let dry, then coat with glossy decoupage sealer. Hot glue the trim around the outer edges, then the top. Hot glue the eye pin down the back so the hole it at the top of each earring. Feed the pizza charm on the end of the pin at the bottom of the earring and use the 3-in1 tool to create a secure loop. Snip away excess. Use 3-in-1 tool to add earring hooks to the top of each earring.

VIVA Selena!

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