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DIY Succulent Terrarium or Planter

I learned a lot of great things at Hispanicize last month, but one of my favorites was this DIY Succulent Terrarium and/or Planter project! The Home Depot had a breakfast with us to show all the latest garden and outdoor decor trends and at the end of the presentation, they set up stations for us to make these beautiful planters!

Being crafty and all, I whipped out my iPhone and made a video tutorial for you guys!

Here is the link to my video tutorial, in case you can’t see it below!

YouTube video

THIS is what they were supposed to look like: Terrariums, the succulents below the edge of the glass. But, you know me, I have to go overboard in everything, I have a heavy hand in all things…


I made mine bursting out of the glass!


The Home Depot lady said this was just fine. Some of us are terrarium kind of people and others are planter kind of peeps. As it turned out, I couldn’t bring my planters home to Phoenix, so I gave them to my friend Jose who lives in Miami. He promised to take great care of them.


This would be a great group project for a party with friends!


Glass containers

Rocks and potting soil

Small succulents

Small hand shovel

Plastic gloves


Fill the container up half way with the rocks and then the soil. Carefully remove the succulent from the container and break up the tightly packed soil around the roots. Carefully place it in the container and surround it with the soil. To care for it, lightly water, not a lot because there is no drainage hole! A little will go a long way!



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