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Summer Skin Care Tips


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Neutrogena and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

I've lived in Arizona all my life, I know a thing or two about what the sun can do to your skin. Therefore, I'm sharing my own guide to summer skin care. Except for a couple times as a teen when I was stupid and used baby oil to try and tan my legs (ACK! I know, right?), I've been very loyal to healthy skin care all year round. Now that I'm wiser...and older..., I'm very proud of my skin! Here's how I do it! The main thing is I've always stuck with the Neutrogena family of products, which is why I'm always happy to work with them on campaigns like this! Visit Neutrogena Suncare to see all they have to offer.  For this guide, I'm going to walk you through my Memorial weekend activities and how I incorporated healthy skin care! You can also follow the hashtag #ChooseSkinHealth on social media to see how all the other bloggers on the campaign used Neutrogena products throughout Memorial Day weekend! Tip One: Be the example! Us moms lead the way! If our friends and family (especially little ones) see us making good skin care a priority, they'll follow. I think this is a big part of why I do it. I grew up seeing my mom, nana and aunts slather cream on their faces and arms. do the same for your kids! What is so helpful is that you can use the Wet Skin on the kids - they'll love it because it comes out in a fun wall of mist that feels refreshing and tingly when it touches the skin. Plus it is specially formulated to adhere to wet skin whether it come from the sky, the ocean, the pool - or the garden hose! And then you can use the Ultra Sheer Face and Body Stick. There's something for everyone! Check out this adorable Neutrogena video with Kristen Bell! weekend3 This is the array of products they sent to me! The first day, Saturday, we went out shopping. I used the Ultra Sheer® Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 on my face and arms as I made my way out. Tip Two: Stay hydrated. It's a given, but it's important to drink enough water. I use an app called Plant Nanny to remind me to stay on track. It calibrates your activity level, weight and height and tells you how much you need every day. For me, it's 8-9 bottles of water! The good thing is it helps my make skin glowy! OK, now to show you the crafty goods! After lunch at Biltmore Fashion Park, we visited Town and Country Mall. It's an outdoor shopping area packed with all kinds of cool shops. This was my favorite - Paper Source! Yes, I dropped some major coin there... paper-source2 neutrogena Tip three: Always keep a small bottle of sunscreen in your car. You never know where the day takes you and it's easy to forget to keep your skin protected. Here in Arizona, we have to have a light sweater for inside because everyone has the AC blasting, but then we bare our arms and shoulders as soon as we walk outside! I'm going to keep this one in the car! abundance The next day, I used some of the things I bought to get crafty on my front porch. It's semi-covered, so I kept these on hand. I'm going to keep the Ultra Sheer® Face + Body Stick Sunscreen Broad Spectrum in my sketch tote, because a lot of times, I end up sitting at a table outside somewhere drawing and brainstorming projects. Tip Four: Incorporate skin care into daily activities. A lot of times we think we only have to apply sunscreen if we go swimming or hiking.  That's when we get burned! Even if you are rearranging your planters on your porch or having coffee on the deck, protect that skin! wekeend4 This one is my favorite! I wear a lot of jewelry and I like that this just glides on so smoothly, no mess! neutrogena3 Thank you so much to Neutrogena for inviting me to be a part of this campaign! Make sure to follow them! Neutrogena on Facebook Neutrogena on Instagram Neutrogena on YouTube Neutrogena on Twitter  

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