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Here are some Memorial Day ideas that honor the holiday in a respectful spirit of love and gratitude! I did a live TV segment on Sonoran Living here in Arizona this morning and showed a couple ways to get crafty. Many people think, “Whoa, three-day weekend, party on!” But I think it’s important to really respect what Memorial Day is all about and honor those who lost their lives serving our country.

I painted made this United States wood plaque to use in Memorial Day decor. You can add thumbtacks so that as your guests come over, they can write the name of a loved one in the military and a message and pin it on the wood. Or post pictures of loved ones who served, who passed on. You can also embellish with quotes, here are some good ones you can use! 



Walnut Hollow 41213 Pine Rustic USA Map

Red, white and blue craft paint, brushes, thumbtacks

Heart wood base, white craft glue, glitter


Basecoat however you want! Let dry, then add another coat. I ddi red and white stripes and blue around the edges.


Decoupage an image on the heart and glue to the base.

Pretty easy!


And then we made cookies! I bought cookies cutters in the shape of the US map, a cactus and Arizona shape for my home state! You can find cookie cutters of your home state too, they have them all on Amazon!

R&M Usa Map 4.5″ Cookie Cutter in Durable, Economical, Tinplated Steel

Ann Clark Arizona Cookie Cutter – 4 Inches – Tin Plated Steel

R&M Cactus 4″ Cookie Cutter in Durable, Economical, Tinplated Steel

I bought ready-made cookie dough, rolled and floured it. OK, here is what happened. First I rolled out the dough and used the cookie cutter and baked the cookies. They totally lost their shape in the oven. So after I removed them, while they were still warm, I used the cookie cutter again to make a nice sharp cut.


And then we frosted them with icing and patriotic sprinkles!


Hope you liked these ideas!
Here is my segment from Sonoran Living!

Love & light,

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